With What Eyes Do You See?


With What Eyes Do You See?

When Jesus went about teaching and healing those that were sick, he had a very clear idea of who he was as a child of God. As an extension of God. As a human being operating in the powerful Spirit of God.  He didn’t have success in healing people based on the fact that he was someone special.

He had success because he had an experiential knowledge of who God was and who he was IN God. He was a perfect manifestation of God and on this planet to represent God on all levels.

When Jesus looked at the sick, he didn’t see the condition of the person. He didn’t focus on the illness. He also didn’t spend a whole lot of time praying for the sick.

He healed them, and healed them rather quickly.

He saw them with his spiritual sight. His spiritual eyes through the eyes of faith. See, we’ve got these natural eyes that see matter. That see the solidity of things.

But we’ve also got spiritual eyes or spiritual understanding, as we are spiritual beings. Conscious beings. Are we seeing with them?

Are we hearing that inner voice that reveals man as healed and whole already?

Lately, when I observe people who are sick or hurting, I choose to see them as they truly are in the spiritual realm: HEALED AND WHOLE

I choose to practice faith in the things that are unseen, using my spiritual eyes. They may believe they are sick because that’s what their physical body is telling them.  I choose to believe they are already healed by what the laws of God have been speaking since time immemorial. On the spiritual plane, they are healed. Now, it’s up to us to believe that and call that forth into manifestation. Hold the vision of their wholeness in the forefront of our eyes. See it, speak it, believe it.

Didn’t Jesus say, “Ask for what you want, believe it, and then you will receive it?”

Believe it and then receive it.

I know it’s not simple. It takes practice. I’ve just recently recommitted to this type of faith.  This type of representing God in this world.

Creation is perfect. I am a perfect manifestation of God. We are perfect manifestations of God. Mind over matter.

This is what is brewing in me lately.  

Say it as often as you can:

“I am a complete and perfect manifestation of God, healed and whole.”

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