I’ve just spent the last month or so in what seems like a fog. Mentally. Physically. Perhaps it’s the winter time.

I’ve used this time to go inward. Contemplate. Speculate.

Invite room in for creative intention and expression.

Now, as the fog has lifted (oh, the ebb and flow of life!), I’m being reminded of the magnificence of life. Earth. Singing birds and Moon glow. Childhood laughter and gorgeous pink-sky sunsets. New beginnings. Old friends.

And I’m giving myself permission to celebrate.

Everything. Including myself.

Radical self-love. Revolutionary other-love.

Doing things differently. Changing things up. Inviting in and looking for magic.


Because stagnant energy feels yuck. The same-ole, same-ole creates more same-ole.

Because this plane of reality is ours for the making. The taking. The spontaneity and synchronicity.

What do we want?

What fuels our passions? Purpose?

Let’s celebrate more of those things, please!

Let’s rally with the stars, the sun, the moon. Celebrating life and love in thoughts and in action. Light the flame of your heart altar. Build an altar in your home-space. Invite magic in. Blow life-giving candles out. Do something different. Choose a different route. Be spontaneous. Celebrate with family and friends. Celebrate your blessings. Your struggles.

It’s all for us. Everything.

With love,