What Is Affirmative Prayer?

What Is Affirmative Prayer?

I’ll pray for you.

We say that quite a bit, don’t we?  But I imagine many times the sentiment is not followed through upon.  I know I’ve said it and then forgot to actually take a moment to pray for someone.  

So, I don’t say it much anymore.

Rather, I take time right then to speak an affirmative prayer for that person or whoever is in need of prayer at the moment.

What is Affirmative Prayer?

Affirmative prayer is simply a prayer that affirms a spiritual Truth. It’s positive and in real-time, not asking for something to happen in the future, but for the “something” to happen NOW. To manifest NOW.

There’s a story in the Bible about Jesus’s friend Lazareth dying.  Jesus was deeply saddened by this. It is recorded that Jesus prayed for Lazarus to arise from the dead, but he didn’t ask for him to be reborn.

He commanded it.

“Lazarus, come forth!” John 11:43

See, Jesus knew who he was IN God. He knew God’s presence was everywhere, and he knew how to tap into that powerful force.

He used affirmative prayer to get that healing process into motion. To defy the natural laws of this world with a spiritual law of healing and wholeness.

There are literally hundreds of records of people being healed throughout all religions and faiths by people who recognized their unity with the mighty God-force. They’re not begging for healing; they’re commanding it. They’re agreeing with the spiritual laws.  They’re not focused on the symptoms. They’re focused on birthing the manifestation of health!

But if this is true, then why isn’t everyone healed right away?

Sometimes it’s a process, dear one. The revelation is a process, and one you can get that, bam. It’s done.

How to Use Affirmative Prayer

  1. Recognize who God is
  2. Unite yourself with God. We are all a part of God, created by Spirit.
  3. Realize the truth by speaking exactly what you desire (Be healed)
  4. Offer gratitude
  5. Release and let outcomes go. Trust.

As you use affirmative prayer, let your feelings enter into your prayers. Emotions matters and helps with manifesting whatever it is we want.

“The most important lesson we can learn is how to pray.” E. M. Bounds

“Prayer puts God in the matter with commanding force.” E. M. Bounds

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