Without good direction, people lose their way;
    the more wise counsel you follow, the better your chances.


I’m currently taking on a small number of clients for Spiritual Coaching, for a super affordable price.  


The truth is that I believe spiritual coaching or direction ought to be affordable to everyone. 

We don’t need more information; there’s a ton of free information and videos online or at the library – and I’ll certainly direct you to the best of it!

What we do need are mentors to provide spiritual counseling for an affordable price, because everyone needs someone to converse with, bounce ideas off, be directed by, and become accountable to sometimes in life.

My intent

As a Spiritual Counselor, my intent is to help anyone change their life by helping them dig deeper or under the surface, because it is there we can examine the thoughts, beliefs, habits, behaviors, and so on. It is there we can discover the roots of issues, secure a re-connection to the divine, and retrieve the parts of you that you’ve lost along life’s journey.

You’re meant to do more than survive, but thrive.


Journey toward self-discovery, healing,

awakening, and connection to God 


I use spiritual principles from a variety of traditions, including Christianity and Buddhism. Instead of reinventing the wheel, I pull from techniques and tools that work. It’s up to you to navigate and see what works for YOU, with gentle guidance from me.

I understand we all want to feel purposeful. We want to have meaning in this life, and oftentimes we get stuck chasing outer things in an attempt to secure peace and joy.

It’s not “out there”.

It’s an inner journey, and embracing a spiritual perspective is your first step toward discovering your true self, God, peace, and joy.

Spiritual Counseling can help

You’re here for a reason, and life has orchestrated this very moment.

  • Are you feeling dissatisfied?
  • Are you stuck? Lonely? Afraid?
  • Need help in your relationship?
  • Stopping an addiction or drinking?

Allow me to be the tool to help you begin a new journey toward inner healing and profound joy.  

Keep in mind that you don’t need “fixed”.

I can’t “fix” you. 

But you do have to be willing to look at your current life situation, as well as unconscious thoughts and beliefs. You do have to be willing to dig deep and maybe even get a little muddy. You will have to face feelings that perhaps you’ve stuffed. You do have to wholeheartedly say, “Enough is enough!” and do some things different.

The Coaching Relationship

As your Spiritual Counselor, I serve as your partner in self-discovery, personal growth, goal-setting and goal-reaching. I am coach, mentor, teacher, and accountability partner. But listen, spiritual counseling is not a quick fix to your problems.  Let’s not be so naive as to think there’s an instant tweak that will get from A to B.

My goal is to help you discover within yourself the beliefs or issues that are blocking you from getting all you want out of life, and to help elicit from within you your own best solutions or new ways of being to live more of the life you want to live.

How I coach?

The majority of my clients are through Skype or the telephone. Once you contact me, we can agree on a time convenient for both. I am available in the Lafayette, Louisiana area to meet one on one.

Sessions last 45 minutes.

Each session I ask for a Love Offering of $30 paid up front. If you are cannot afford that amount, send me an email discussing your situation and we can discuss options. Bartering is acceptable.