13 Scriptures to Help Relieve Stress and Anxiety

13 Scriptures to Help Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Life gives us plenty of opportunity to feel anxiety and stress. Whether it’s work, school, relationships, tragedies, fears, and so on, the reality is that you’ll have your fair share of stressful situations to contend with.

I’ve put together some wonderful Scriptures for those who value sacred literature. Speaking for myself, when I’m anxious or stressed out, and try to solely reduce the stress on my own, I fall short. I tend to allow my mind to keep racing with unnecessary or fearful thoughts.

However, when I go to God, which is my ultimate Source of peace, I am able to let go, and really let Spirit minister peace to my soul. When I can sit quietly and go inside, connect with God there, and let God remind me that in God, all is alright. In God, I can experience peace amidst stressful times and worries.

In this wonderful inner kingdom of God that Jesus talked about, I can experience the true peace of God, and this makes a world of difference.  This inner landscape that is mysterious, yet somehow familiar.

Trust, dear one, in something greater than yourself.

Here are 13 scriptures about stress and anxiety that you can meditate on. I’ve taken them and personalized them so you can pray them silently or out loud. It’s a great idea to recite them in the morning and before you go to bed. Or, whenever you’re feeling stressed out.

  God is my refuge, a stronghold in times of trouble. Psalm 9:9

  I choose to allow you, God, to dwell in me, and because of this, I will not be shaken. Psalm 16:8

  I know you hear me, God. Thank you for delivering me from these troubles. Thank you for being close to me in this time where I feel brokenhearted and crushed in spirit. Thank you for delivering me! Psalm 34:17-19

  My God, you are my refuge and my strength. My ever-present help in times of trouble! Psalm 46:1

  I cast my care on you, God, and I know you will sustain me. You never let the righteous be shaken, and I trust you! Psalm 55:22

I am overwhelmed, God, and I cry out to you. As I do, I know you will lead me to safety. You are always my go-to for peace. Psalm 61:3

♥ I trust in you, God, with all my heart. I’m not even trying to understand this on my own. I am surrendering to you, as I know you always lead me to the path of peace and goodness. Psalm 3:5-6

♥ Life has a way of making us feel tired sometimes, God. Weary in our very own soul. But I know that trusting in you alone will help restore my soul, and renew my strength. So, that’s what I’m doing God. I’m coming to you with this anxiety and stress, and giving it to you. I don’t want to carry it anymore.

In return, I know you’ll help me soar high above this situation and emotional distress, like a mighty eagle owning his freedom, energized by the wind of your Spirit. Isaiah 40:30-31

♥ God, you told us not to fear or be dismayed because you are with us. That you will strengthen and help us, hold us up when our legs are feeble and limp. So, God, I’m not fearing. I’m choosing faith, because I believe you’ll hold me steady, no matter what.  Isaiah 41:10 

♥ This worry going on in my mind, God. These thoughts of fear…take them. Help me think on your goodness instead. You told the weary and burdened to come to you, so here I am, ready for you to extend rest for this weary soul. Thank you. Matthew 6:27, Matthew 6:34

♥ God, I come to you in prayer and exchange this anxiety for your peace. The kind of peace that blows my mind because it’s so amazing. The kind that makes me realize no matter what, in the grand scheme of things, all is ok. All is in divine order, and I’m trusting you. Philippians 4:6-7

♥ God, you say when we face trials that we have the opportunity to grow our faith in the reality of your vast existence. We can learn the value of perseverance and spiritual maturity. Help me to really believe this, God, because this trial feels bigger than I can handle. James 1:2-4

Thank you, God, for being the ever-constant source of love in my life. For caring for me, and every soul on the planet. For helping me to cast my cares solely on you, because your reality is so much better than what I drum up in my mind. I love you, God. 1 Peter 5:7

♥ ♥ ♥

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