Years back, when I had my first article writing gig, I had to write a little story about someone suffering from panic attacks. It was called an illustrative example and it ended up being around 1,300 words. I can’t remember how I found out about the freelance writing site (it was Elance, but has since been bought out by Upwork) but since I’d been laid off from my mental health job, I thought I’d give it a whirl. I’d never been much of a writer but I did enjoy writing poetry as a kid.

How much money did I make for that article? A whopping $8. How long did it take me? Long enough to make me feel like I lived in a third world country making $2 an hour. But you know what? It was an opportunity and experience that I appreciate today. It helped me realize that I enjoyed article writing, that I was pretty good at it, and that I could actually make money from it. 

I began using what I call “puppy mill” freelancing writing sites, where most people didn’t offer to pay much money for article writing. I appreciated the opportunity to hone my writing skills, but at some point, I started realizing that my skills were worth far more money than I was getting.

Article writing and emotional healing?

victim mentalityPerhaps this is because at the same time, my self-worth in general was increasing. I was doing some major emotional healing and growth work. It’s very interesting that the more you value and love yourself,  the more you realize your worth on all levels. The more you realize you won’t settle for less than you’re worth. Not in an egotistical way, but in a healthy, balanced way.

I think about my audience often. Who’s reading my stuff? Who wants to glean from my skills? Actually, I have two main audiences:

  1. Entrepreneurs and businesses who need high quality, SEO, informative kickass content.
  2. Aspiring writers and writers who want to grow personally and professionally.

There’s some amazing content out there that can keep our attention and keep us coming back, but there’s also a lot of boring and poor quality content out there. There’s a lot of fluff when it comes to article writing. Honestly, if someone’s going to pay me $10 an article, they’re going to get some fluff. I’m not going to spend a lot of time on it.  Time is valuable and high-quality content and article writing is valuable. 

Because the world needs interesting, relevant, and engaging content, wouldn’t you agree?

So, today I want to discuss some reasons why entrepreneurs and businesses ought to pay more money for kick butt content writers. Now, I don’t mean those that are full of hot air. There’s plenty of talk, but that’s all they’re doing.

Article Writing: Five reasons you should pay bigger bucks for kick ass content writers:

1. We’re trendy.

Bam. That’s a golden ticket right there.  Need something that sizzles? Shocks? Need some badass SEO skills?  Creative SEO article writing ninjas are on top of the manic search engine schema so that YOU can get some search results kudos. We don’t slam down Google’s throat 20 keywords that make zero sense. We entice and persuade gently strategically.

We’re taken the time to learn the science behind SEO and web traffic.

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Oh, and we also kick it with professionals who blow our minds with their mad skills they’ve picked up along the way. Things like webinars, classes, books, YouTube, etc. We want to get an A+.

2. We stick around.

The guy from India who does article writing for $10 (low quality I might add) will be gone before you know it. Moved on. Ding dong ditch you.

Me? I’ve got you. I’ll write, tweak, twist, bend, and be there three months down the road when you need an SEO boost or you’ve discovered yet another fantastic product to gift to humanity. Relax.

I’ve got your website back.

3. We can clone your voice.

Are you edgy + raw like me? Great! Cloned.

Are you sophisticated and chic?  Ok. I won’t hold it against you! I’ve got your voice too. Cloned.

Rednecky? Gotcha.

Professional? Yes, ma’am. I can accommodate.

In fact, some think I’ve got multiple personalities with the various voices that come out. Oh, and if you don’t really have a voice yet, I know just the word sleuth woman (Rachel Resnick) who will help you find and own it. For real.

4. We give free publicity.

Announcement!  We give props to your service or products to friends, colleagues, family, and even grocery store clerks. We tweet, post, update status, and bend over backwards to showcase our clients. Now, free publicity should never be taken for granted!

5. We are worth it.

Just like you, we take a liking to getting paid well.  We work hard. We commit. Our butts hurt and our backs ache after sitting day after day type, type, typing so that you can awe your readers with your dazzling content.  (Smile.)  We are sweeeeeet investments, and you’ll want to reach through the screen and high five us with your AWESOME ROI.

There you have it.

You really do get what you pay for.

You want compelling, creative, kick ass content?

Then hire a professional content writer who won’t settle for anything less than impeccable quality. Who takes high quality article writing serious. Who will take the time to help you manage your content marketing plan, and share tips and tricks to grow your audience.

What contributes to B2B continued success?

Effective, better quality content creation. In fact, 85 percent of businesses report that their content creation was instrumental in their continued success. In addition, 72 percent reported that better content strategy helped too.

Essentially, that means high quality article writing + excellent content marketing strategy WILL boost your business.

That, my friends, is a science you cannot ignore.

Smiles + high fives all around.

P.S. Want to know how much a content writer makes?

Well, of course, this varies depending on your location, the type of work, and whether you’re freelancing or salary.

Here are a couple of sites that give a good estimate for content writer salaries:


The National Average is $32,000, but work for a BIG WIG like IBM and you can make above $80,000. J


            Payscale says the average content writer salary is around $42,000.

Are you an article writer?  Content marketing professional?  What has your experience been like in regards to pay?

Are you seeking a content writer? If so, what are the top qualities you’re seeking in one

Would love your comments.