Dominica Applegate

Professional Writer

Hi there. I’m Dominica. Happy to meet you.

I’m a freelance writer that’s passionate about reaching hearts. There’s a lot of information online these days, but much of it doesn’t penetrate the hearts of readers. Essentially, it’s a lot of fluff.

Writers who write just to get paid rush the process or give you just enough fluff to tickle the ear. They’re not “all in”.

Me? I go at each project in a creative, contemplative manner. I take the time to sit with the topic. I mull it over. I do the research and write from the kind of perspective that reaches the emotional faculties of those doing the reading. 

People want authenticity.

They want what’s real and raw, and whether your business is selling clocks, counseling broken hearts, marketing products you love, or making djembe drums in the jungle, you NEED content and blog articles that do far more than tickle Google’s SEO ear.

You need content that’s going to pull at some heart strings.  Content that tells a story about you, your business, and your products/services that resonates with your audience.  

I’m here to help.



Articles + Blog Posts

If you have a blog where you post regular content, you have a 434% better chances at getting Google to notice you. (TechClient) You want more traffic? High quality blog posts are highly effective in driving that traffic.

Landing Pages + Copy

Your business needs to stand out. A strategic, visually appealing, and engaging landing page is absolutely necessary if you want to retain visitors. I provide exceptional copy and landing pages that’ll get attention and results.

Email Campaigns

If you’re after high ROI, you’ve got to create regular email campaigns as part of your digital marketing strategy. I create personalized campaigns that increase conversion rates significantly.


Writing That Reaches The Heart


My passion is to use my passion and gift of writing to assist those making a difference in the world.  As part of the collective, this is one way I choose to show up using my strengths and skill sets.

I’ve been writing professionally for ten years in a variety off niches. Before that, I worked in the mental health field as a case manager for eight years. 

I’ve written for over 40 brands, entrepreneurs, businesses, and publications, including Sober Recovery, Writing Studio, Elephant Journal, HuffPost, Rebelle Society, Mind Body Green, The Addiction Advisor, and more.

Topics that I specialize in include:

  • Spirituality – Consciousness, Spiritual paths
  • Science – Various topics
  • Web content –  Customized web content for your business. 
  • Business – Marketing, Start-Ups, Management
  • Digital Marketing – SEO, social media, branding, etc.
  • Health – Mental health, addiction, personal development
  • Finance – Investing, budgeting, debt management, and credit scoring.


Why You Should Work With Me


I’m great at taking content and making it interesting and informative. There’s a lot of fluff out there that serves little purpose. My content catches attention and is easy to read. It’s also SEO friendly. 

I’m very easy to work with and am reliable. I’ll be with you for the long haul. 

I also know a lot about digital marketing, which can be an asset as you aim to get more traffic and ultimately, more customers. 

I am the author of:

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“Dominica exceeded all my expectations, providing high quality content that increased my readership. She’s quite reliable, easy to work with, and creates content that pulls at the strings of an audience. I highly recommend her.” 

K, The Intuitive Specialist

“I discovered Dominica on LinkedIn when seeking a content writer for an addiction recovery website. She provided valuable content that included excellent research and relevant links. She goes the extra mile and always has her work in before the due date.”

R. Brentlay, Content Creators, Inc.