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Hi! I’m Dominica Applegate, freelance writer dedicated to creating meaningful content that makes a difference in people’s lives. 

My passion is helping those who struggling with addiction, codependency, existential angst, emotional mayhem, illness, or any other issue keeping them from enjoying peace and joy. 

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If you’re privy to people pleasing, in a relationship with an addict, or trying to save the world while running yourself ragged, start here.

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Enjoy a daily dose of my faith-inspiring devotional that will help you on all levels – everything from God to relationships to health. Go ahead, co-create the kind of life you truly desire. 


Sometimes Darkness Leads To Dawn

Sometimes The Dark Really Does Lead To Dawn   Have you ever been through a really tough time in your life and wondered if you would ever see the light? Do you know others who wrestle with depression and all sorts of other negative emotions?  Surely, we’ve...

You Are a Spirit: 25 Ways to Feel More Spiritual

You Are a Spirit: 25 Ways to Feel More Spiritual I understand quite well that we all want to find meaning and purpose in life. For me, when I'm feeling empty and well, sort of useless, it's not a good feeling.  There are certainly many paths to spiritual...

5 Behaviors You Should Never Tolerate

5 Toxic Behaviors We Should Never Tolerate   “You’re such a frickin’ idiot! Is their something wrong with your brain?” I know, right? How rude! This type of verbal bashing, along with plenty of other toxic behaviors, shouldn’t be tolerated in any...

Life With An Addict: Lessons Learned

Life With An Addict: Lessons Learned {Guest Post by Kristi C.}   No doubt if you’re living with a loved one who’s struggling with alcoholism or drug addiction, you’re weighed down with worry and stress, feeling lost. You feel you’re going crazy and that...

Heal Your Pain

Pain as a Pathway to Joy   We all experience emotional pain at times and as disheartening as it is, we don’t have to continue to suffer. Suffering means you give your power away; you feel powerless to do what needs to be done to decrease or heal the pain....

Don’t Text Your Feelings!

Don’t Text Your Feelings: Ask For What You Need   I express myself better in writing, especially when it comes to communicating how I feel. This might be alright for a blog or casual conversation, but when it comes to trying to communicate serious feelings...