Freelance Writer Specializing in Addiction Recovery, Mental Health, Personal Development, and Faith

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Hi! I’m Dominica Applegate, freelance writer dedicated to creating meaningful content that makes a difference in people’s lives. 

My passion is helping those who struggling with addiction, codependency, existential angst, emotional mayhem, illness, or any other issue keeping them from enjoying peace and joy. 

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If you’re privy to people pleasing, in a relationship with an addict, or trying to save the world while running yourself ragged, start here.

Need A Faith Boost?

Enjoy a daily dose of my faith-inspiring devotional that will help you on all levels – everything from God to relationships to health. Go ahead, co-create the kind of life you truly desire. 


Are You Abiding In Peace?

 Are You Abiding In Peace? When I think that God can love me despite my flaws, my mistakes, my forsaking my faith so many times…. I am overwhelmed with emotion.When I allow myself to sit in silence, to just inhale peace, it is there that all is well. ...

How Do You Fight Your Battles?

 How Do You Fight Your Battles? I love worship music - all different kinds.  Music that points my focus in the direction of an awe-inspiring Creator simply moves me. In fact, music makes me FEEL more deeply than many things. It's part of my therapy...

Seek the Light – Devotional

In Gratitude: Seek The LightWhat you seek, you will find. Well, for the most part.Today is Thanksgiving and I’m certainly grateful for so many things – the good and not so good. I find myself this morning looking for the good. The Light. The things that...

Powerful Prayers For Adult Children

Powerful Prayers For Adult Children   Whether your children are 18, 30, or older, consistent prayers offered on their behalf not only helps them, but helps you to have a more peaceful and faith filled heart.  I know for me, if I’m not looking toward a...

Prayers & Affirmations for an Addict or Alcoholic

Prayers & Affirmations for an Addict or Alcoholic It's challenging when a loved one is struggling with the disease of addiction. You find out in a quick minute that essentially you're powerless to change or fix them. You can, however, learn how to best...

Self Vs.God: Who Do You Serve?

Self Vs.God: Who Do You Serve? I love “self-serve” options. Self-serve gas stations, ice cream parlors, buffets, and even checking out at the grocery store.  I’ll admit that for the most part, I like to be in control. Which brings me to the topic of self...