Ditch the fluff.

Hey there. I’m Dominica, professional content and copywriter providing unique, heart-reaching content that gets your business the attention it deserves. 

No doubt there’s a lot of BORING content these days. So much fluff it’s nauseating. 

Me? I go at each project in a creative, contemplative manner. I take the time to sit with the topic. I mull it over. I dig up the research and write in a way that reaches the heart of the audience. 

People want authenticity.

They want real and raw, with a dash of sauce – content that does more than just tickle Google’s SEO ear.  

You need content that’s going to pull at some heart strings and ultimately, convert. 

One thing is for sure. I’m all in.

Are you?


You want solid ROI and good copywriting is what will get you there. This includes sales pages, email campaigns, ads, and web pages. Your business needs to stand out. Strategic, visually appealing, persuasive copy is absolutely necessary if you want to generate leads and pull prospects down the rabbit hole – I mean customer funnel. I provide exceptional copy that gets attention and results. 

Content Writing

Content is different than copy. Content educates, inspires, and entertains. It’s geared more toward helping you rank on Google and establish you as an expert in your niche. COPY is uniquely persuasive and motivates a reader to take action.  

Blog Articles

No ifs, ands, or buts, you need BLOG ARTICLES. Why? Because it gives you a 434% higher chance at getting ranked by Google AND it gets you more web traffic. Plus, your audience wants to hear from you regularly. They’ve got enough fly-by-night people in their lives. 

                Straight-Shootin’ Articles

Shadow Work: Dig Up Your Real Self

Most of the crap you’re upset about has nothing to do with the person you’re squawking at. Not an easy pill to swallow for most people. Shadow work. It’s a theme I’ve dove into the last several years, which in all honesty, has made me feel legit cray-cray at times....

I’m Sad. Ok, Ok, I’m Depressed. What Can I Do?

I’m Sad. Ok, Ok I’m Depressed. What Can I Do?   Come mighty breakdown, break me wide open. Carve your name in the caverns of my hollow heart. Rip off the blinders & cut the shadow’s cord. I can’t take one more day of this pitch black. This sandpaper love has...

Moving Beyond Codependency: 8 Key Recovery Principles

Codependency Recovery: 8 Key ConceptsIn working with people who struggle with codependency characteristics, and navigating my emotional healing journey, I have compiled 8 Key Concepts working toward healing from codependency characteristics that form my understanding...

Maybe This Is Our Chance To Reshape Ourselves & Build A Better World

                     Maybe This Is Our Chance To Reshape                         Ourselves & Build A Better World      After spending some time self-distancing and in quarantine, many of us are now getting a deeper revelation that this is indeed a pivotal...

5 Books to Help You Develop A Beautiful, Conscious Relationship

5 Books to Help You Develop A Beautiful, Conscious Relationship If you’re truly after more loving, conscious relationships, you may want to take time regularly to read some enlightening books on the topic. You’d be surprised at how the information you find can help...

Inner Healing Work: What Is It & Why Do People Fear It?

Inner Healing Work: Why You Should Do It And Why You Might Be Afraid Of It If you spend time with me, you’ll most likely hear me talk about doing your “inner healing work”. But many people don’t really understand what it means to do inner work.  Sure, they know about...

Addiction & Neuroplasticity: What’s The Deal?

Addiction & Neuroplasticity: What's The Deal?   With millions struggling with addiction globally, something’s got to break treatment wise. Sure, some progress is being made, but not nearly enough.  There’s a lot of theories as to what needs to happen, and...

5 Must Read Books For Loved Ones Of Addicts/Alcoholics

5 Must Read Books For Loved Ones Of Addicts/Alcoholics If you've got a loved one struggling with alcoholism or addiction, chances are you're wondering how you can best support them and take care of you.  It's not easy being on the opposite end of an addict, that's for...

How To Tell If My Husband (Or Wife) Is Using Drugs

How To Tell If My Husband (Or Wife) Is Using Drugs Not knowing if your spouse is using drugs or not can cause so much anxiety.  Maybe they’ve got a history of drug use or maybe you’re seeing some sketchy behaviors.  Have you caught him in a lie? Is he slurring his...

Proclaiming Freedom From Codependency For All

Proclaiming Freedom From Codependency For All You’re my cave to hide in,    my cliff to climb.Be my safe leader,    be my true mountain guide.Free me from hidden traps;    I want to hide in you.I’ve put my life in your hands.    You won’t drop me,    you’ll never let...

Help! My Adult Son (Daughter) is Addicted to Drugs!

Help! My Adult Son (or Daughter) is Addicted to Drugs!As a parent whose adult son is addicted to drugs, chances are you’re feeling a lot of mixed emotions over the matter. Of course, you love your son and want the best for him, but he may not be seeing things the same...

What Is Codependency?

What Is Codependency? Ok, ok, just what is codependency? It's a question I hear a lot. Codependency is essentially defined as an unhealthy attachment to a person. It’s a “dependency” on another in a way that’s not really very healthy. It is a term that came out from...

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