Dominica Applegate - Sacred RecoveryHi there! My name is Dominica Applegate. Great to meet you here in cyber space!

I’m an author and codependency recovery advocate, passionate about helping others journey toward emotional and spiritual wholeness – or what I call “Find their Happy”. 

Professionally, I come bearing two degrees: B.S. in Psychology and M.A. in Counseling. Personally, I bring four plus decades of “doing the inner healing work” wisdom to share.

I’ve also worked in the mental health and recovery fields for over 15 years, studying various approaches to healing emotional pain and trauma, which so often is at the root of addictions.

I moderate two online recovery forums, spreading encouragement and hope to those seeking freedom from addiction. Go check them out and connect with others!



Personally, I’ve navigated through the tunnels of depression and codependency myself, experiencing a full-on emotional breakdown in 2009.

{You can read more about that here: MY JOURNEY TO WORTHINESS.}

Since then, my journey toward healing via a sacred zig-zagging path has taught me many valuable lessons, which I now gladly share with others. 

I believe people ought to be able to live a good life, free from emotional turmoil or the grip of addiction on any level.  This best happens when we make healthy connections and walk a healing path unique to each soul.

I gladly share my experiences, strength, and hope with those who are willing to listen.  I love to apply various disciplines and paths to help people journey toward healing and wholeness – and a closer, more personal relationship with God – Universe.