Hello and welcome, sacred soul.

So delighted you’re journey has led you here.

My desire for this website is to furnish you with plenty of topics on mind, body, and spirit that will help you evolve and grow.

My Beliefs

I believe our journey through life is a spiritual journey. We come as beautiful babies, purely conscious. We grow up creating a personality (ego) that we tend to believe is the real “I’. However, it’s not. It’s the part of us we created from our life experiences. And, we tend to forget who we REALLY are, (a spirit), so we’re sort of traveling on this winding path not really knowing where to go or what to do. And, we can get caught up in worldly or carnal pursuits that ultimately lead us to internal despair.

Thus, the spiritual or mystical journey calls us back. It calls us to find the path that resonates with us, rub the egoic film off our eyes, and begin seeing life from a new perspective. A higher perspective. A more spiritual perspective.

This website will help you begin to see what’s been tripping you up.  You’ll become more aware of the wounds that are festering under the surface; wounds that happened long ago, in childhood or perhaps lineage wounds. You know, the things your parent, grandparents, etc. didn’t or couldn’t heal.

My passion is to help you rediscover who you truly are! Your wild, free, innocent, fierce, and joyful soul!

It’s going to take a willingness and commitment.  Journeying inside isn’t always easy or glorious. You may find some dark shadows lurking in there; maybe even beasts! But know that this is part of the Hero’s Journey. Your hero’s journey!  And, you don’t have to do it alone.

Here are some core principles that can guide you:

  1. Find your unique spiritual path; one that resonates with YOU
  2. Learn how to know your truth and then, speak it
  3. Breathe deeper, slower
  4. Become a person of discipline and consistency
  5. Practice self-love and God-love daily

This website is for you, but it’s also for me. It’s a space where I write about what nourishes my soul, as well as what trips it up. The wounds I contend with are mine, but it’s likely others wrestle with similar types.

I really enjoy studying spirituality and exploring a variety of spiritual paths.  I ask a lot of questions. I’m drawn to psyche development, Buddhism, mysticism, Shamanism, Christianity, neuroscience, and philosophy. You’ll likely find a bits and pieces of it all, as this is what resonates with me.

My desire is that we all wake up more to our spiritual nature, shedding layer and layer of ego/wounds, working toward integration, emotional wholeness, and embodying the sacred – so that the LIGHT AND LOVE of the DIVINE can shine through! 

About Me


I’m Dominica Applegate. I’m an author and creative adventurer who loves to write about spirituality and psychological themes. My spiritual journey led me to author Joseph Campbell, whose writings on “The Hero’s Journey” impacted me greatly.

My passion is to help you identify and deconstruct your ego and its wounds, and reconnect with your authentic self and Divine Intelligence (God). 

Regardless of where you are on your spiritual journey, it’s time for positive change. My hope is that you feel seen and heard, and that you continue to grow in peace and joy along your own spiritual journey.