Welcome, precious spirit.


So delighted your journey has led you here.

I’m Dominica, author, writer, and spiritual mentor, writing primarily about codependency recovery, spiritual and psychological themes. My educational background is mental health (B.S.) and pastoral counseling (M.A.) Ultimately, my work is an ongoing process of learning how I can best support others in their healing and evolution. 

Oh, and I love photography too. Self-portrait fine art is my current passion. 



I spent my twenties and thirties raising my three amazing children, my early forties persevering through and healing momentous inner pain that apparently I’d stuffed my whole life, and these days I spend as much time as I can inspiring others with my “dark to light” story.

I’ve always been passionate about helping others grow personally and spiritually. I want everyone to understand who and what they truly are and live the kind of life they love.

In other words, I’m all about you “doing your inner healing work”, so you can actually enjoy this life journey.

My desire for this God-Centered Codependency Recovery website is to furnish you with plenty of topics ranging from codependency recovery to inner child healing to contemplative prayer – and more! My prayer is that all of it will help you heal, grow, evolve, and live more from your God-center as a courageous, faith-filled, happy and peaceful person.


My Beliefs


There is so much information at our fingertips these days. We are on info-overload, for sure.

But even with a gazillion “how-to” articles and books, we still get stuck, get frustrated, fail, and suffer way more than we desire.

Sure, life is good, but it’s also a zig-zagging line with some mighty big bumps along the way.

This website is about helping you slow down, breathe deeply and slowly, and begin a fresh journey inside.

Not trying to figure it all out. Not trying to “be better”.

But journeying deeper and deeper into a more intimate relationship with you (your true self) and God, your Creator. Through tools like contemplation, silence,  nature walks, prayer, journaling, mindfulness, mediation, and rituals, you can recover more and more from codependency and the characteristics that go along with it.

Precious soul, each one of us are valuable. We all have a valuable story. We’re all of equal importance on this playing field we call “life”.

As I approach celebrating five decades traveling as mind and body on this planet, I look back with so much gratitude. My life hasn’t been easy breezy, and I’m guessing yours hasn’t been either. I think that’s something all of us have in common.

But growing older can make us really start asking deeper questions and wanting different things. Not necessarily things made of matter either.

Things like vulnerability, authenticity, and embodying the spirit of LOVE we truly are in God.

As I always say, Love should flow like a river; not burn like a fire.



We arrive on this planet as beautiful babies, purely conscious, created by this God that we really do try to understand.

We bump along childhood, creating a personality (ego) that we think is the real us, but it’s not. It’s the part of us we created from our life experiences.

The shadow. The false self. The carnal nature.

As we grow and reach for all the things that society tells us we are entitled to or should want, (like a knight in shining armor, status quo, one-upping the Joneses, etc.) we tend to forget who we REALLY are – a spirit.

So, we’re sort of traveling on this winding path not really knowing where to go or what to do. We can so easily get caught up in worldly pursuits or distractions that can ultimately lead us to pain or internal despair. (Oh, yes, been there multiple times).

But the spiritual, mystical journey calls us back. It calls us to find the path that resonates with us, rub the egoic film off our eyes, and begin seeing life from a new perspective.

A higher perspective.

A more spiritual perspective.

Look, I’m no guru or spiritual genius.

But I am passionate about living more from my spirit – my inner world. Some say the spirit world is within, some say it’s “the field”, and others say it’s everywhere, just like God’s presence.

I try hard not to get caught up in the details, but rely on FAITH to show me Truth. And, allow that Truth (which is LOVE) to flow through me to humanity, in ways that make a difference.


What’s Tripping You Up?


The articles, books, and resources here will help you begin to see what’s been tripping you up.  You’ll become more aware of the wounds that are festering under the surface; wounds that happened long ago, in childhood or perhaps lineage wounds. You know, the things your parent, grandparents, etc. didn’t or couldn’t heal.

Or maybe you’ve dealt with your past wounds, but you’re still stuck. Still feel lost. Still reaching for substances to numb out or escape. Still operating in fight or flight mode.

There’ll be some great resources for you too!

My passion is to help you rediscover who you truly are! Your wild, free, innocent, fierce, and joyful spirit that has always been and always will be!

I know that we need you. We need your story. We need to know what you’ve been through and how YOU have overcome or are overcoming it. We need to know how we can show up and offer support when you need it.

You matter. I want you to hear that loud and clear. I don’t care what you’ve done or haven’t done. Don’t care what your balance is in your savings account. Don’t care what you look like or don’t look like. Don’t care how many relationships you’ve been through. Don’t care what your family or friends or coworkers or exes have said about you:


Do not give up.

Do not live your life swimming in pain, hiding behind a mask, or paralyzed by fear. Do not stay stuck in despair or in sickness. Do not isolate.

We’ve got a certain amount of years here on planet Earth. Let’s connect, unite, share our stories, and make the best of it.

It’s going to take a willingness and commitment.  Journeying inside isn’t always easy or glorious. You may find some dark shadows lurking in there; maybe even beasts! But know that this is part of the Hero’s Journey.

Your hero’s journey!  And, you don’t have to do it alone.


Here are some core principles that can guide you:


1. Find your unique spiritual path; one that resonates with YOU. I love various paths. I think studying the life of Jesus and modeling his teachings is powerful. I think every day we should be taking time to get quiet and go withing. Contemplate. Pray. I think Buddha taught so much about training the mind through meditation. I think the Native Americans are worth studying. And, so much more.

2. Learn how to know your truth and then, speak it, even if you’re shaking like a leaf.

3. Breathe deeper, slower.

4. Become a person of discipline and consistency. It won’t be easy to slow down and get quiet. To practice silence, humility, compassion, kindness, unconditional love – but if you make it a PRACTICE, it will start becoming a habit.

5. Did I mention practice silence, contemplation, meditation, and prayer daily? Commit to it and watch what happens in your life.

This website is for you, but it’s also for me. It’s a space where I write about what nourishes my soul, as well as what trips it up. The wounds I contend with are mine, but it’s likely others wrestle with similar types.

I really enjoy studying spirituality and exploring a variety of spiritual paths.  I ask a lot of questions. I’m drawn to psyche development, Buddhism, mysticism, Shamanism, Christianity, neuroscience, and philosophy. You’ll likely find a bits and pieces of it all, as this is what resonates with me.

My desire is that we all wake up more to our spiritual nature, shedding layer and layer of ego/wounds, working toward integration, emotional wholeness, and embodying the sacred – so that the LIGHT AND LOVE of the DIVINE can shine through to a world that needs it! 

All my Love,

Dominica Applegate