Working With Me

If you have content needs, I’m happy to assist you. As a ghostwriter, I’m thrilled to be able to provide high quality content that engages and “wows” your tribe. I typically work on articles, landing pages, bios, blog posts, product descriptions, and website content. 

The areas I’m most excited to write about include mental health, addictions, spirituality, digital marketing, business, personal development, and relationships.

Past clients include companies like Mind, Body, Health, Recovery Brands, Luxe Wellness, Health Fitness Beat, Elite Rehab, Pat Moore Foundation, EOC Institute, and individuals like Jon Eborn, Tony Fahky, and K the Intuitive Specialist.

P.S. I offer a discount for those who are non-profits and beginner solo entrepreneurs trying to make the world a better place. Contact me for more information.

What I Charge

I charge per-project fees instead of billing my services by the hour.

Fees for writing and editing include all stages of preparing content —chatting with you, researching your business and industry, working on the content, and making revisions based on your suggestions.

This is fair for everyone involved. You know exactly what your content will cost ahead of time, and I’ll get paid based on the value of good website copy.

I DO work hourly if this is your preferred method.

To discuss your writing project, please contact me at I will give you a quote based on your needs.