If we really understood the truth about reality, it’d blow our minds. I’m sure of it.

Welcome 2016! I don’t know about you, but I’m embracing this year wholeheartedly and allowing momentum to keep flowing abundantly. Last year was ahhhh-mazing in so many ways! Really. A year of freedom, joy, growth, new experiences, rich love, and so much more.

But what this year? What shall be in store for us? 

I don’t know about you, but I’m planning on continuing much more of what’s already been manifesting in my life and by this I mean more “experiencing” rather than materialistic things. More peace, joy, freedom, passion, excitement, adventure, magic, security, and fun.

Actually, fun is leading the way.

Shala and I made a Dream Board to bring in the New Year, courageously dreaming our future into being and you know what’s leading the way?

Good feelings.

Because one thing I’ve learned in the past couple of years is the vibration of FUN attracts GOOD into our lives. Reaching for things that cause me to feel joy is the key to bring my wildest dreams into fruition! I want to add that to feel joy, I don’t always have to be doing something. Sometimes it’s just being quiet and focusing on my breath. Or nature. Or gratitude. As a society, we “do” way too much and yearn for vacations to experience the beauty of nature, but this is something we can do daily. Nature is all around.

It’s time to discover the truth of who we are

Sometimes I get backed up with the monotonous. The day to day mundane. I mean, even though I work for myself from home, it’s not always glorious. Yes, I love working in my PJ’s. I love the freedom to make my own schedule, but just like any job, it can become monotonous and tedious, BUT…

I know how to shake the mundane or boring off. I’ve learned how to reach for those things that jolt my vibration to a frequency that resonates with who I really am at my core….

Love. Light. Happy.

Don’t work harder, play more

I’m going out on a limb by saying the glory is not in the “working harder”, but it is in the “playing more”. What does that mean? Well, first let me say that most of us want to experience what?

More peace.
More joy.
More freedom.

This is why we do just about everything we do because we think in the doing of those things we’ll get more joy, peace, and freedom. Right?

But the getting is not so much in the doing. It’s in the being and the “being” state ought to be a happy state. Now don’t get me wrong. I know it’s tough to feel “happy” all the time. Good news is that we don’t have to feel happy all the time. That’s unrealistic. But there are things we can do to move through states of unhappiness faster.

I get daily notes from the universe in my email. If you haven’t signed up for these, do so. (Thoughts from the Universe)  They’ll truly help you along your journey.  This morning my note was spot on and I welcomed the affirmation:

Perhaps the very best thing that happens to souls who are suddenly overwhelmed by torrents of financial abundance is that they start working simply for the fun of it.”

Hey, Dominica! You can already do that!

I got your back,

The Universe

P.S “Work,” Dominica, it’s not just for the wealthy anymore.

See, what this affirms is that the manifestation of good in our lives is birthed in our way of “being”; not in our “doing”. It’s in the dreaming, imagining, feeling, and expecting. 

Does this mean we sit on our butts and just daydream our lives into existence? Yes, and no. Yes, daydream about how you want to feel and what you want to do, and then allow those feelings to create some momentum so you can take some actions steps toward such. But don’t go struggling up the river. You’re likely to get very tired, miserable, and maybe even drown.

Get quiet inside (meditate, sit and walk in nature, etc.) and move from there. Do this consistently. See, many of us talk about how we want to do this and do that, but never really get around to doing it. I don’t know about you, but for me when I don’t take time to get quiet and meditate consistently, I tend to swim up the river or just stay in “stand-still” mode. But when I do, I can then go about my days from a place of peace and happiness, doing what I want to do, what I need to do step by step to attain goals, and what feels good for me, and then….

I experience what I want: Peace. Joy. Freedom. (All else is icing on the cake)

For my Christian buddies, this is for you. I love how Jesus said it long ago:

“When you pray, (want something), believe that you receive it, and THEN you shall have it.”

What what? Jesus knew something about the law of attraction! (Smile)

Matter (tangible things) are birthed in our “state of being” (emotions).

Emotions lead the way.

For me, I know I get backed up when I seek the end result without paying attention to the NOW feelings.

So, summing up my thoughts for today and doing what is fun for me right at the very moment, this year I will continue reaching for….

Fun. Excitement. Passion. Love. Gratitude. Peace.

All the while courageously dreaming my future, being diligent to implement quietness, expanding my consciousness, and living in the NOW.

What about you? How do you want to FEEL this year?

  • Write those feelings down.
  • Make a Dream Board depicting how you want to feel and dreams you’d like to see manifest in your life.
  • Make a commitment to get quiet regularly. Daily would be beneficial. (meditate, yoga, sit quietly, enjoy nature, whatever it is you do to connect with your Creator)
  • Make a list of things you consider FUN….and do more of those things this year!
  • Feed your soul with encouraging and motivating mojo regularly. Find the gurus you love to listen to and listen. Read some books, websites, etc. Go to a workshop. Get together with good vibe friends. Hire a coach. Nourish your spiritual essence!

Consciously create a life (and by that I mean feelings) you LOVE!

Yes, we can!