Codependency Recovery e-Course


Welcome! So glad you are here!  Get ready to learn some valuable truths concerning yourself, codependency, and freedom!  Please take your time going through the lessons, and take time to do the assignments.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.

The password for the lessons is: freedom

Get ready to recover!




MODULE ONE: What is Codependency?


Lesson 1: The History of Codependency?

Lesson 2: What is Codependency?

Lesson 3: Relying On Each Other More Than Necessary

Lesson 4: Attention Makes You Feel Better

Lesson 5: What Happens When We Fall in Love?

Lesson 6: Are You Codependent? Take a Quiz


MODULE TWO: Discover the Roots of Codependency


Lesson 7: Attachment Styles

Lesson 8: Fear of Abandonment

Lesson 9: Self-Worth

Lesson 10: Dysfunctional Parenting Styles

Lesson 11: Fear of Failure

Lesson 12: Authenticity

Lesson 13:  Reframing Exercise


MODULE THREE: All About Triggers 


Lesson 14 Get familiar with your Codependent Characteristics

Lesson 15 More Characteristics

Lesson 16 Identify Your Triggers


MODULE 4:  Boundaries


Lesson 17: What are Personal Boundaries?

Lesson 18: The Benefits of Setting and Keeping Boundaries

Lesson 19: Assertiveness

Lesson 20: How to Set and Keep Boundaries


MODULE 5: Spirituality


Lesson 21: The Cosmic View

Lesson 22: The Shadow/Wounded Child

Lesson 23: Childhood Photograph Exercise

Lesson 24: Seeking Help From a Higher Power


MODULE 6 Recovery


Lesson 25: The Importance of Recovery

Lesson 26: Self-Care: Spend Time With Yourself

Lesson 27: Codependence Anonymous

Lesson 28: The Codependence Dance

Lesson 29: The Value of Guided Meditations

Lesson 30:The Art of Lovingly Detaching

Lesson 31: The Gift of Gratitude


Bonus Lesson: Run Toward Life

Bonus Lesson 2: Create a Life You Love



Codependency Recovery Affirmations