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It's Time To Soar

Codependency is more than people pleasing or having low self-worth. It goes beyond staying in the toxic relationship. Or feeling like a failure. 

Codependency is part of the human condition that society has programmed into us.  It's an “outer” dependence on people or things for feelings of approval, love, and worth; a result from a disconnect from our core essence as a luminous spirits

Moving Beyond Codependency is committed to helping you journey within to navigate the inner landscape. To excavate the layers you've formed over your spirit. To identify & dismantle your masks. Heal the inner pain. Better manage the emotions. To live life BEYOND the codependent traits that have been tripping you up.

It’s time for a new chapter. Join us as you create a new story, weaving the past, present, and future into a beautiful life tapestry. Calling back those parts of you that you’ve lost, fragment by fragment, so you can experience more peace. More joy. And, better relationships.

Because, beautiful soul, this is what you deserve.  



We'd love your submission. Write your story, a devotion, poem, etc. As we share, we continue healing and encouraging others.


Join with others moving beyond codependency in our Facebook Group. You don't have to walk your life path alone.


Enjoy our assorted products just for you. From journals to prayer beads to inspirational posters.

We come to know ourselves through relationships, as each person is a mirror. What are your relationships mirroring back to you?

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Into The Wild Shadow Work Journal

When dark shadows slyly control your life, you’re in for a bumpy ride.

Into The Wild Shadow Work Journal is a remarkable resource specifically designed to assist you in diving deep into your subconscious psyche for exploration.

If you’re dealing with things like anxiety, depression, relationship issues, poor choices, etc., Shadow Work is a powerful tool to help you feel, deal, and heal layer upon layer, so you can enjoy more peace and joy along your journey.

Here are 60 shadow work journal questions and exercises to help you discover the light and dark parts of you that you’ve repressed, rejected, or abandoned over the years.

Courageous warrior, get your dig on. Journey deep and reclaim your wholeness.

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Moving Beyond Codependency offers helpful resources & guides to help you identify and heal your inner wounds. Regardless of where you are on your codependency recovery journey, there's hope for emotional healing, growth, and spiritual awakening. We focus on digging deep, doing the inner healing work, shadow work, ancient wisdom techniques & rituals to assist you live the kind of life you were meant to. 

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