If you used a backlink checker to see how many sites link to you, how many do you think you’d find?

Five? Ten? One hundred?

Listen, babe, if you’ve skimped on a backlinking strategy, it’s time to start a brand new one from scratch. Backlinking may be a bit old school, but Google still thinks it’s quite sexy. In fact, Google is always on the prowl for sites that have quality, diverse backlinks, and you can get your hands on a free backlink checker easy enough.

So, let’s look at how you can create your backlinking strategy in no time.

Make a list of sites to link to

The very first thing you want to do is do some research and come up with a list of well-trafficked websites that you want a backlink from.

Now, this sounds rather easy, but there is a bit of science behind it, and if you want brownie points with Google, you’ll want to get familiar with link values.

See, you might get a backlink on one site that has killer traffic, and Google will love it. BUT, you may also get a backlink on a different site that has a lot of traffic, but Google will turn its nose from it all together. It may even throw a penalty flag your way.

I know, right? That sucks.

Then where should I start?

Your first step will be to list some relevant blogs, online magazines, and other digital resources that are in the same industry as you. If you’re in marketing, look at the marketing niches. If you’re in the healthcare field, look there. 

Start a spreadsheet, as this will help you keep organized. These sites will be your first attempts at getting a backlink to you. You may not know if Google loves them, so you may be taking a chance, but chances are that if they’re popping up with a good search engine ranking, Google favors them. (Be sure you’ve already done a backlink checker to see who is already linking to you.)

Get the scoop on your competitors with a backlink checker

Even if you’re not all that competitive, it’s time to roll up your detective sleeves and start investigating your top competitors. See where they’re getting their backlinks from.

There’s a great tool that will help you with this. It’s the SEMrush backlinking tool, and yes, they do have a free version so you can test it out without dropping a penny.

Simply register for a free account, and look for the backlink checker or tool. Type the name of the website of a major competitor, and plenty of useful information will pop up.

You’ll only get so much information with a free plan, and upgrading will cost you a decent amount monthly. However, you can get some valuable information using SEMrush’s free tools when it comes to keywords, domains, and other competitive analysis reviews.

Get backlinks from a variety of sites

If you get an “in” for a backlink from an amazing site, resist the urge to only focus on that website for your backlinks. Google really takes note when you’ve got backlinks coming from a variety of sites. And, regularly use a backlink checker to stay up to date, as some sites shut down or remove content.

So, rather than have 5 backlinks from that super-duper site you’ve been trying to get a post on for like…ever, shoot to get 1 backlink there and keep trying to get backlinks from other trustworthy sites. (Think diversity)

Here’s a great free Backlink Checker!

Oh, here’s MOZ’s free Backlink Checker too!

But what if no one wants to link to my site?

Good question. The reality is that if your content is lacking in quantity and quality, most folks won’t give you the time of day. Listen, it’s tough competition out there for sure, so if you’re seeking backlinks from trusted, kick butt sites, you MUST have some epic content yourself.

Granted, you don’t have to be the best, but you do have to be able to go to your peeps loud and proud of your high quality, stellar, unique content. Don’t skimp here. They want to send their readers to a site that will help them in a big way. They want their readers to thank them for highlighting your link for them.

In other words, provide valuable content on your site, along with additional things like videos, infographics, images, and so on.

Time to make contact

Got your list done? Good. Now it’s time to reach out and make contact with those on your list. You’ll want to reach out to site owners and simply ask them if they will link to your site.

Now, it’s easiest if you create one script that you can use for every site owner; just don’t forget to personalize each one before emailing. Let them know you’re putting forth effort to CONNECT with them as a human being and not some aloof robot.

Can’t write very well? Not a problem. Hire someone to write your copy or do some research for example scripts. Art of emails offers wonderful scripts you can draw from.

NOTE: When I used the backlink checker, I found some sites that linked to me without my permission. You may find such, so you’ll have to decide how you want to handle it. Some of them, I didn’t minding having the backlink. Others, I did, so I contacted them to see if they’d remove the link.

Conclusion: Backlink Checker & Backlinking Strategy

Link building isn’t as challenging as you may think. Sure, there are many link-building techniques to choose from, but it’s easy to get started using the tips I’ve mentioned. From there, you can continue to learn the art of link building in order to get more traffic to your site. Also, with a free backlink checker at your fingertips, it’s easy to stay abreast of your latest backlinks.

(Here, check this link out from Point Blank SEO for an amazing list of link-building strategies.)

Now, let’s review:

  • Make a list of potential “linkers” using a spreadsheet (Google Spreadsheet is free) Create a diverse list to impress Google.
  • Check out SEMrush’s backlink checker tool to analyze competitors
  • Get your own content in “applause” order. You want to get your potential “linkers” shaking their head, thinking, “Yeah. This is great stuff!”
  • Craft a high-quality script to email site owners. Hire someone to write it if you’re lacking in skills.
  • Send your emails out and believe for the best!

Keep in mind that there will be those that bypass your request, but if you’re content brings something new to the table, and “wows” them, more often than not, they’ll want to honor you with a backlink.

Happy backlinking!