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Life Is Not Black And White

Life Is Not Black And White   A common codependency trait is black and white thinking. What I mean by that is thinking in terms of extremes. It’s looking at things in an “all or nothing”, good or bad, right or wrong perspective. There’s no gray area. It’s using words like “always” or “never”. But life isn’t black and white. It’s full of the gray area in between, and when we go around judging ourselves, others, and life with an extreme mentality, we’re not seeing it for the reality that it is. For example, Don and Mary get into...

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Try Proprioceptive Writing to Heal Limiting Beliefs

Try Proprioceptive Writing to Heal Limiting Beliefs   We all want a good life. A life filled with more peace and joy.  It’s a wonderful intention, right?  However, moments of peace and joy aren’t as plentiful when we aren’t aware of the unhealed wounds festering underneath layers of “junk”. The pain of life, ya know? This is one reason I encourage everyone to navigate life’s path with boots on and shovel in hand, digging beneath the surface to see what’s really going at the subconscious level. And, as a writer, I’m all for exploring with pen in hand.   ...

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Set Boundaries With Loved Ones

It’s Alright to Set Boundaries With Loved Ones     As a forum moderator, many people write in wondering how to set boundaries with their loved ones.  Whether their loved one is an addict, alcoholic, selfish, unavailable emotionally, etc., they’re just not sure what to do. Most of the time, my answer is, “It depend” – because it does. However, there are some common factors associated with setting boundaries and today, I’ll touch upon them. Boundaries are very helpful in relationships of any kind.  Whether it’s your partner, child, parent, boss, friend, etc., being able to set and keep...

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