If you’re not using video content on your website, your content marketing plan is missing out.

Big time.

Why? Because people absolutely LOVE video content. Sure, users like to read, but they don’t LOVE it. It’s Google you’re mainly trying to impress with your unique, high quality content. Your target audience is hungry for relevant, helpful video content, and if you’re not on board, it’s time to embrace this effective marketing channel.

Your competitors are using video content

Chances are, big dog, your highest competitors are already using video content in their content marketing plan to “wow” their audience. Now, this doesn’t mean you’re out of the game. Well, unless you keep sitting on the bench, in which case, your sales may be weak. And this, dear one, means your bank account is likely to suffer.

But instead of warming benches, get in the video content game and hit some home runs! (Or at least a double.) I assure you it’s not as challenging as you think. Video content business marketing is simply a tool to gain props with your audience, which will ultimately bring you more traffic and cash.

Ready to jump on this bandwagon?

Just in case you’re still in spectator mode, here are four compelling reasons you should add video to your content marketing plan ASAP:

1. Your audience is begging for video content

Listen, your audience is online watching videos…a lot. Gone are the days where people primarily searched in terms of written content. Let’s face it: People are getting bored easily when they have to read something. (I mean, I’m glad you are still reading this, but some dropped off already, bored or distracted.)

These days young and old alike are going visual, hungry for yep! You guessed it: Video content. Don’t believe me? Well, with YouTube boasting over a billion unique visitors every month, it’s a sure sign that humanity is eager for some video time.

  • In addition, over 50% of all mobile traffic comes from online video. That’s huge!
  • 96% report that they dig it when they can get information via video.
  • Hence, according to Animoto, 73 percent of Americans admit that they’re more likely to purchase something after watching a descriptive video of the service or product. Did you get that? 73 percent!

Ah, yes, you’re starting to see how video content is a MUST for your content marketing plan.

2. Video content in content marketing plan is your ticket to dominating social media

Regardless of what social media platform we’re talking, video is present. But wait – not only is it present; it’s booming!

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest are taking video to new levels every month. In fact, Facebook is still in its video infancy state, so just wait to see its power-ninja moves in the future.

Facebook video IS the future, since a large majority of people are actually addicted to Facebook scrolling. I’m not saying this is a good thing; actually, it’s probably not great overall, but for online marketing ninjas, it’s fabulous.

Now, from a content producing stance, this is amazing because you can use your written content and leverage it throughout ALL the social media channels. What this means is that you can take one blog article and use that topic on all of your social media channels, AND repurpose and re-use it at a later date.

For example, I created video content as part of my content marketing plan, entitled Change is Hard: Do it Anyway. I linked that video content to YouTube and then wrote a blog about the topic too. I then created some pretty cool images for Instagram and Facebook, going along with the topic theme. (Well, all my social channels, actually) And it all tied in together as I worked…every…corner as part of my content marketing plan.

3. Video content helps you dominate SEO

We all know quality SEO is key to quality content marketing. Now, you may think video content won’t be much help with your SEO strategies, but on the contrary my love…

Video content actually helps you rock SEO strategy.

Why? Even small businesses and solo entrepreneurs can square off with even the biggest of competitors when video content SEO practices are spot on. Listen, as a search engine, YouTube ranks second. Yeah. Number two, baby. So, there’s something to be said about Google’s love affair with YouTube videos.

Additionally, if you add an optimized video on your website, your chances of bumping rank for Google front page search results increases 53 percent according to Comscore.

4. Video content does not have to empty your pockets

Listen, you don’t need a huge budget for cranking out video content. This is what holds so many people back. They think they have to produce like a bad ass Hollywood producer.

Not so.

In fact, there are millions of people using their latest iPhone’s video to furnish their audience with some fabulous videos. Yes, quality does count, but there are common folk out there winning the masses with video content, BECAUSE IT’S GOOD CONTENT! Plus, there’s a ton of easy video editing software out there like iMovie that you can use for free.

Conclusion: Why add video content to your content marketing plan?

Now, let’s recap.

The reality is that video content matters. You can use video for so many things, as it’s a powerful way to get your story out, brand your business, educate and influence others, and make people feel all warm and cozy inside.

And, videos work well in a variety of formats. Go with a short video for snapshot conversation, medium sized videos or webinars, or full-length documentaries. Give your audience a bite-sized appetizer, or go all out! It’s totally up to you!

Need some ideas? Well, let your audience know about a social issue you are supporting. Or, give them an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at your business operations, daily life, or a preview of you upcoming big product launch.

It may be out of your comfort zone, but if you want to tap into an enormous opportunity to get traffic, help others, please Google, and ultimately, increase sales, you’ve got to embrace it.

To recap, here are the four reasons you really need to get going with video content:

  1. Your audience is begging for it! Don’t leave them hanging!
  2. It’s a “must” for social marketing
  3. It’s your ticket to dominating SEO
  4. It won’t drain your budget

Are you on board with video content as part of your content marketing plan? Have you created videos? If so, how do you feel about the way they turned out? Are they increasing traffic? Engagement?

I’d love to hear from you. Feel free to share your experiences, questions, tips, tricks, and victory reports!