I’m so glad you’re here!

My name is Dominica Applegate. I’m still figuring out who I am, on a variety of levels, but here are some things you might want to know about me.

I am interested in helping humans love themselves more, smile and laugh often, and learn how to cope with the tough stuff. 

I am a writer and poet.  Sometimes I love to write. Other times I don’t want to be anywhere near a computer or notebook, because I’d rather be out in nature, conversing with people, or finding magic on a new travel adventure. 

I love to write about things like authentic love – the kind of love that we all crave. The kind of love that truly brings healing to the guts of who we are as a human species. The kind of love that has NO conditions. You know, it just oozes out because we feel like we ARE love.

I also like to write about bridging the gap between science and religion. 

I’m an introvert, yet I do enjoy conversation and being among others. 

I have been through some rough stuff, experiencing an emotional breakdown in 2009 that was actually a springboard for a putting me on a serious spiritual path.  You can read more about that HERE.  

I enjoy exercising, biking, hiking, yoga, and kayaking.  Music is a godsend, and I enjoy all kinds. 

Professionally, I come with a B.S. in Psychology and M.A. in Counseling. I’ve worked in the mental health and recovery fields for over 15 years, studying various approaches to healing emotional pain and trauma.  On any given day, you’ll find me learning about field of study like consciousness, neuroscience, shamanism, epigenetics, divine healing, spirituality, etc. 

In my work, I’ve found a great deal of people wandering this planet lost, confused, and stuck in a program that keeps them feeling sad, anxious, and lonely.  They don’t know how to get out. They want out. They want to experience more peace and joy on this journey, but they’re stuck. 

I’m here to say you can change your life. You can work toward healing what needs healed, change your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and actions. But it takes effort, consistency, vulnerability, and authenticity. It takes you stepping out of your comfort zone. Sometimes it means humbling yourself and asking for help.

I want to touch as many lives as I can, spreading love and light with my presence and words. Hope to meet you along the journey.