Hello there and welcome to this an online portal-space-place-collective dedicated to offering hope and guidance to those who are struggling with some aspect of life – addiction, codependency, relationships, spirituality, emotional pain, and so on.

My name is Dominica Applegate. I’m an author, blogger, and sacred recovery advocate, passionate about helping others journey toward emotional and spiritual wholeness.

Professionally, I come bearing two degrees: A B.S. in Psychology and M.A. in Counseling. I’ve also worked in the mental health and recovery fields for over 15 years, studying various approaches to healing emotional pain and trauma, which so often is at the root of addictions.

Personally, I’ve navigated through the tunnels of depression and codependency myself, experiencing an emotional breakdown in 2009. {You can read more about that HERE}

Since then, my journey toward healing via a sacred zig-zagging path has taught me many valuable lessons, which I now gladly share with others. 

In my work, I’ve found a great deal of people who have gotten a bit lost in their search of a God of their understanding – many wandering an isolated path toward spirituality.  And sure, they’ve dug through many layers of the ego and re-connected with themselves…and their worth.

They’ve meditated, took up yoga, prayed, saged ever inch of the home, retreated, and mantra’d till the cows came home, but after a while, they sort of got stuck there, feeling alone and confused.

Their thinking, “Is this it? I’m all healed and vibrating at 528 Hz, but is this it, cuz I don’t really feel all that different.”

I’m here to say, NO, this isn’t it.

Re-connecting with your SELF is wonderful, but re-connecting with the SACRED is everything.

God, Source, Energy, Life Force – this is the SACRED, and it’s precisely this sacredness that we are to “recover” as we journey this thing called life. And THIS re-connection will bring about an inner transformation that you’ll feel at the heart level.

And there’s MANY ways to recover such a profound and sacred essence. Your task is to individually navigate yours, while connecting with others – and for God’s sake, let others walk their path without judgment. Burn only love, grace, and mercy for all others, whether you understand their path or not.

I believe people ought to be able to live a good life, free from the grip of addiction on any level.  This best happens when we connect with one another and whatever tools or path works best individually.

I gladly share my experiences, strength, and hope with those who are willing to listen.  I love to apply various disciplines and paths to help people journey toward healing and wholeness – and a closer, more personal relationship with God.