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Shoot for an Interdependent Relationship- Not Codependent

Most of us want a healthy relationship with another person, but it’s not so easy for everyone to experience such. Those that find yourselves in a codependent or toxic relationship have got to get some insight on how you can empower yourself towards having an interdependent relationship.  You’re no longer a victim. You can be […]

Memory Snapshot #1: Mom, Don’t Die

I’ve decided to take a season to go back and write about my past. Really go back and try to remember what it is I’ve intentionally or unconsciously forgotten…Dig and explore even more, because this familiar feeling of sadness shows up more days than it doesn’t. It is my hope that as I remember my […]

Success Requires Un-Lazy People


{Here is a guest post by Nikia Hodgdon} Most people talk about wanting things. Things in their lives. Physical things they want. But you know what? Most people live an entire lifetime without getting the things that matter the most to them. They want change, and well, the honest truth is that change is hard. […]

I Am Done {Spoken Word Poetry}

even on my best grown up days, there are subtle ways she… gets my attention. inside me, this little girl, wide-eyed and innocent, just wanting to explore this… life that too many times has led her astray, look long enough in my eyes, and she’ll look away see, long ago aloneness crawled into my bed […]

Help! My Relationship is Dying!

If you’re anything like me, you totally enjoy sharing life with that special someone who makes your knees wobble and butterflies dance in your tummy. Falling in love, having adventures, partnering, and growing together is super duper amazing. I have learned though, that the spark in a relationship can easily get dull after a certain […]

For the Netflix Binge Watching Crappy Kind of Days


I had a day from hell yesterday. Felt like crap emotionally and just didn’t have it in me to pull myself out. Nope. No listening to motivation mojo. No getting out into nature to restore. No inner pep talk. Told my partner that I was just having “an off day” and would appreciate just being […]

50 Shades of Vulnerable

Nerves on edge, frightened at the thought of shedding comfortable layers, I courageously jumped into a new reality where nakedness is seen as beautiful. Authenticity viewed as courageous. Truth…noble. Yes, my spiritual journey tends to lead me out of my comfort zone and into the “unashamedly vulnerable” zone where I am faced with the choice […]

12 Freelance Writing Success Tips

freelance writing

Hello fellow freelance writing enthusiast. I understand you want to work for yourself. I completely understand. If given the opportunity freely from some “Entrepreneur God”, most people would opt to work for themselves. Whether that’s lounging in your PJ’s with your laptop or heading off to an office somewhere, being a freelancer just sounds appealing, […]

4 Reasons Video Content Must Be in Your Content Marketing Plan

content marketing plan

If you’re not using video content on your website, your content marketing plan is missing out. Big time. Why? Because people absolutely LOVE video content. Sure, users like to read, but they don’t LOVE it. It’s Google you’re mainly trying to impress with your unique, high quality content. Your target audience is hungry for relevant, […]