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Toxic Relationships: For Love’s Sake, Cut Ties

toxic relationships

You’re sucking the life right out of me! Says anyone who has experienced toxic relationships before. Today’s topic is toxic people. Toxic in the way that they just don’t have healthy relationship skills. Whether they’re super codependent, narcissistic, a drunk, controlling, etc., they tend to bring chaos to the relationship. There you are having a […]

Addiction Recovery & Spirituality: Put Your Work Boots On and Get to Work


Life truly can be hell when you’re feeling hopeless and powerless. It’s no surprise that those struggling in addiction or alcoholism journey along this lonesome path, oftentimes ending up hitting a rock bottom that depletes them entirely. I can say for myself, my stint navigating full-fledged codependency and/or love addiction caused me to become extremely […]

Uncertain Times Call For Self-Care


I know. We are living in a time of uncertainty right now in America. I’d be telling a big fat lie if it didn’t concern me at times. Still, even in times where we don’t really have much of a clue as to what is going to unfold, we’re called to work towards embracing and […]

We’re Strong Enough To Let Go

self worth

It feels so good to FEEL one hundred percent responsible for my level of happiness. I mean, on the days I actually feel like this.                    Nature Walk, Concord, NC To be the power that defines my emotions. To be the power to create the kind of […]

Stand Up For Yourself, Warrior Goddess

Can you stand up for yourself and still be spiritual? Chances are you’ve got people in your life who rub you the wrong way. Maybe they get angry and lash out at you. Or perhaps they manipulate/project their crap/nag the hell out of you. There’s probably many scenarios where you find yourself teetering on whether […]

There is a God Who Rescued Me


“Come Breakdown, break me wide open. Carve your name in the caverns of my heart. Rip off the blinders. Cut the shadow’s cord. I can’t take one more day of this pitch blackness. This sandpaper love has rubbed me raw. For God’s sake Breakdown! Come!” I’ve had it. The pain has settled too deeply. Here I […]

Are You Awake In Your Relationship?

Many people get into relationships to fulfill their own wants and needs. This all works great for a while, but eventually rifts of turmoil begin to set in and more often than not, both partners get disillusioned and opt out of the relationship in the hopes that a new one will be better. As more […]

Feminine Power: Let it Flow


She lights her flame from within her bosom Resplendent strength radiates Her eyes soften any room Her aura commands attention She breeds authenticity and love Feminine energy fuels her tender heart Centered Confident She keeps me warm Read More Here

Sadness. The Bastard.

Who hasn’t battled sadness at times? Sinking deeper by the minute, sometimes with no freaking reason, we stare down the decision whether to fight or flop on the couch. Obviously exhausted. Sadness swallowed me whole for a good part of my life. Bastard. Yet, today I can wrap my arms around that sadness and give […]