How Owning Less Will Help You Feel Happier


Just how did I get all this shit!

Say most people who decide to take the weekend to clean out closets, attics, and garage. Just how do we gather so many material possessions that we use once or twice and then pack away to gather dust?

Well, my personal opinion is that we grow up thinking that “more is better” and in order to feel worthy, we must keep up with the Joneses. (Who, by the way, are stressed out to the max, in debt up to their ears, and feel exhausted.)

The minimalist camp is growing around the world, as the philosophy “less is more” is becoming more accepted.  After all, owning less reduces stress and to stare the status quo down and tell it to “get lost!” feels pretty good.

Many Americans have more than they need. They consume at a freakin’ huge rate!  But you know what? Most of them are broke and very tired. They wonder if they’ll ever be able to feel free.


Why do so many just keep buying more and more even when they don’t need one more anything?  It’s the culture we live in. We are bombarded with advertisements continually lined with subliminal messages that say, “Unless you buy this, you’re a loser. You won’t be cool. You just HAVE to have this!”  Many people buy into the messages and this is why mass consumerism leads the day.

Make a commitment to buy less and clean out your clutter

Make a commitment to go against the grain and decrease the amount of your possessions.  You may wonder how owning less will benefit you, so here are 15 ways that owning less will cause you to smile more, but also feel so free!

When you own less:

  1. Your stress declines. Yes, you’ll be able to breathe deeply and smile more often.

  2. You’ll have more money. Even if you only spend $10 here or there on things you don’t need, when you stop doing that, you’ll HAVE more money to sock away or spend on memorable experiences.

  3. You’ll have less cleaning to do. You won’t have to clean as many things.

  4. You’ll have more time. Because you won’t be maintaining so many things or out shopping a lot, you’ll have more time to enjoy the finer things in life, like family, friends, and doing things that you really enjoy.

  5. When you do need something (not want; need) you can purchase higher quality. Instead of buying a lot of low quality items, you can purchase higher quality items that last longer.

  6. You’ll teach your children valuable life lessons. The less you have, the greater lessons for your children. You don’t want them going around thinking more is better.

  7. You’ll be able to work in a career you love. If you are free from the consumerism trap and the need to make mega bucks to afford an affluent lifestyle that stresses you out, you can choose to work a career that you love.  (Say you want to be a baker at a restaurant? But you’re an accountant with a huge mortgage, boat, two cars, etc. Well, downsize, own less, and make the career change!)

  8. No more keeping up with Joneses. It will be a relief to be free from the pressure to keep up with those darn Joneses who have just about everything and more- including mega debt!

  9. You’ll have no clutter. Let’s face it: clutter can get you down after a while. Own less and enjoy a more appealing, decluttered home.

  10. You’ll have less addictions. Own less and free yourself from shopping addictions.  No, you don’t really need one more pair of jeans.

  11. You won’t feel “owned” by anything. You will be in charge of your possessions; they will not be in charge of you.

  12. You’ll have more time to relax. Won’t that feel great?

  13. You feel happier. You just feel happier with possessing only what you need.

Listen, more does not equal better. It does not mean you’re more valuable, loved, or accepted. Try not to associate your worth based on what you have. Be wise with the money you do make and resist the temptation to go shopping all the time. Find new hobbies that are cost effective and nourish your soul. 

Minimalism feels good. It will take some effort and discipline, but you can do it!


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