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What is content writing

Content writing is Queen. But you probably already know that.

So, I’ve decided to start a journal having to do with progress on growing my content writing business. I just hit a plateau in regards to income. It seems as if many entrepreneurs and small businesses hit this wall. They start their business and get a website built or build it themselves and do a little bit here and there, hoping that people will come to their website.

I dabbled here and there with online marketing plans and strategies, but really only got my toes wet. I would start watching the videos or reading the online marketing blogs and it wouldn’t take me long to get overwhelmed with everything. As soon as they started talking about analytics, I got that Blank Stare and made a decision to just stick with what I was doing. Play it safe. Just keep rolling along.

Online marketing, here I come!

But year after year I keep running into that wall and as a firm advocate of personal and career development I just can’t stay here any longer. I’ve spent plenty of time answering the question, “What is content writing?” So, I’ve become this journey to really delve deep into learning more about content marketing and online marketing as well. I want to become a better content and copywriter. I want to become an expert in digital marketing content writing. I want to understand online marketing like a freakin’ ninja! Not just for myself, but so I can help others too.

I was thinking this week about how I want to help people. Yes, I want to write articles and blogs for people. I want to help them with their content needs, because I actually do enjoy writing. Granted, sometimes the topics are not that exciting, but it is income and it’s rather good money.

I also want to help people personally, relationally and spiritually, so I spend some of my off-time writing articles geared in those niches.

What is content writing in the emo niche?

Ha. It’s just being raw, real, and vulnerable!

I’ve shared plenty of my “emotional rags to riches” stories over the years. I will certainly continue to do this, as I feel we are all to recycle our pain and inspire and support others with the lessons we’ve learned.

No one should have to feel alone.

  • I’m also kicking it up a few notches career-wise.
  • I want to continue to help businesses who need content regularly and need kickass content.
  • I want to spend more time helping writers become better writers and learn more about digital marketing.
  • I want to help those who want to become a writer or blogger. I’d like to help get them started and give them as much expert advice as I can for free.

We live in this high-tech world where most people spend their free time on the internet in some form or fashion. If you are a business owner or someone who has a good message to share, internet online marketing is essential. Taking the time to learn about the ins-and-outs of digital marketing is a must these days. Chances are, you can now answer the question: What is content writing ? (Yay, I’m super happy about that!) So, now it’s time to move onto marketing!

So, I’m determined to spend a certain amount of time each day honing my skills and learning new skills in the digital marketing industry, B2B, content marketing, writing and the writing niches. I’m going to journal my journey. Yes, I want more traffic to my site and I would like to sell more products and services. Heck, I would like to create more products and services. Perhaps I haven’t taken my business as serious as I thought I was. So, it’s time to really set the bar high and follow-through consistently each day.

I’d like to hear from you.

I have several questions. (No, not “What is content writing ?” Other questions, dear.)

Are you an entrepreneur or do you own a small business and you feel like you’ve hit a wall? Do you wish you had more traffic to your site? Are you not in a financial position where you can spend thousands of dollars on a digital marketing expert? Does this hold you back? 

Are you updating your content regularly? Is it SEO optimized? Do you know how many people visit your site every day? Is your site pleasant to look at? Is it user-friendly? Do you feel overwhelmed with it?

I’m very interested in digital marketing and taking the concept and making it very easy for anyone to understand and implement. Of course, I want to help myself in this area, but I also want to help others. I’m dedicated to sharing relevant information about the digital marketing industry, as well as advice for creating amazing content that gets your readers attention and keeps it. 

Onward fellow business peeps. We only get one life on this planet, so let’s make the best of it personally and professionally. Mindfully and compassionately, let’s encourage and support one another. Because when you feel good inside you’ll feel good on all levels.


So, today is Friday and it’s just about noon time and I’m ready to take a break. This morning I worked on some keyword research and compiled a list of about 10 keyword phrases that I would like to rank for. I finished up an article on why video content is important for your content marketing plan and uploaded that as a blog post on my website. I transferred back to WordPress website from Shopify, because I did not like Shopify. I also shifted my focus a little bit. 

I used the SEO plugin for my keyboards today and that went well. I shared on Google Plus, Twitter, but have not shared it on Facebook yet. I’m still in need of updating my website pages and content. Taking the focus away from personal development to a professional writing service and marketing.

Will spend some time this afternoon reading about digital marketing and watching some videos on the topic. I’ve compiled some spreadsheets on different topics which will be helpful in the long run.

Wait, what is content writing?

Is it all fun? Nah. But it allows me to write this on my patio watching birds eat at the bird feeders.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Finishing up my journal entry for last week. It was a WONDERFUL week! I was just a little shy of my income goal, which I am pleased with. Next week I will reach it! But you know what? I’m making more money than I ever have in my life, and I’M DOING WHAT I LOVE!

So, progress made this week:

  • Posted 3 longer articles to my site, SEO friendly.
  • Worked a little bit on my other site, Fidget Empire. Using that site to really learn the ins and outs of getting and analyzing traffic. Really no traffic yet, but it’s only about a week or so old. My goal is to have it booming for the Christmas season.
  • Read some amazing content about my niches.
  • Started saving sites and making keyword lists and Google spreadsheets with some awesome online marketing tools.
  • Started my digital marketing strategy. A serious and detailed one.
  • Took the SEO Training Class by MOZ (Check it out)
  • Earned $.19 in AdSense (Woohoo! It’s a start!)
  • Landed regular client in the digital marketing niche (to write content for them) J
  • Watched tutorials on YouTube
  • Started content marketing plan for remainder of year, planning for a lot of content writing.
  • Celebrated the 4th of July, went on bike rides most days, hiking trail today, had kiddos for dinner, and enjoyed life. FEELS AMAZING!

Let me know how your week went, personally and professionally!

XO – Sending big love!

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