Codependency Freedom Guide (Because People Pleasing Gets Old)

There’s this kind of love that slowly rubs you raw.

A kind of relationship where festering wounds cause scared little boys and girls to hijack the adult personality and takeover.

You relate?

This thing called “codependency”, where worth is found in another and self-love barely exists.

If only we would have received a better instruction manual when we came to this planet.

You can change. You REALLY can.

Hey there. I’m Dominica, but you can call me Mink.

I’m so glad you’re here.

See, most of the time I’m a ghostwriter, but right now I’m simply a woman sharing from my heart to those who are struggling with “issues”.

Relationship issues, yes. But maybe even things like depression, alcoholism, addiction, anxiety, anger, confusion, apathy, and so on.

Here’s something you may not know:

You, my dear, are not alone.

Whatever your struggle is, there are others going through and have been through the same thing.

And today, I just want to take a moment to share with you something I’ve created to help others (especially codependent women) begin to heal at the root of codependency issues.

Answer the following questions:

➡ Is codependency or love addiction ruining your relationships?
➡ Are you unhappy in your relationship but petrified to leave?
➡ Are you so busy taking care of everyone else you forget to take care of yourself?
➡ Do you go from lover to lover?
➡ Are you overly clingy?
➡ Are you a people pleaser?
➡ Do you have low self-worth?
➡ Do your boundaries suck?
➡ Are you with an addict?

If you’ve answered yes to a few of these, you’re probably
struggling with codependency.

If you answered yes to all, bless your heart!

You’re probably living life walking on egg shells or exhausted from taking care of everyone else. You may have little self-worth, be in a miserable relationship, or drinking to cope with life.

On top of this, you usually end up with someone who either isn’t emotionally available, is a narcissist, addict, verbally or physically abusive, or more selfish than necessary.

That bites.

It’s like living in a prison cell, in which you have the keys, but you don’t know how to use them to unlock the door.  So, you sit in your cell, feeling sad, lonely, anxious, and fearful day in and day out, year after year, slowly dying inside.

You know how I know this?  Because I’ve been there.

I’ve lived in the cesspool of codependency for far longer than I’d like to admit.  But when the pain got great enough, I decided I better get serious about getting some help. I committed to a life of recovery. I busted my ass to make MAJOR changes for me and began a path to healing and create a life that I love!

Guess what.

The hard work paid off.

Through getting very honest with myself, beginning an inner
spiritual journey, asking for help, and committing to recovery,
my broken heart began to heal. My insecurity began to dissipate.

The digging through layers of pain unearthed life, love, and peace
as I began learning how to love myself.

Now? My life is pretty darn amazing and I’m grateful for all of
the good and even the “not so great” things about it! I mean, after all, nothing is perfect.

It’s progress I’m after; not perfection.

There is hope, friends! There is certainly hope and freedom!

This is why I’ve written this book. You’ve lost yourself and it’s time to find your super-duper self once again AND fall in love with you!

When I desperately needed help, I wished I could have had such a book to shed some light on my crazy life and point me in the right direction- for an affordable price!

Here, I’ve created a codependency recovery framework for those who are struggling with codependent issues. Those that need some tools to dig deep and lay a solid foundation for your relationship with yourself and others.

I want you to embark on a new journey toward healing and wholeness.

Wouldn’t it feel good to:

 ➡ Gain more control of your life and not let your crazy emotions rule?

 ➡ Overcome that fear that keeps you in a toxic relationship?

 ➡ Check in with yourself regarding your needs and wants?

 ➡ Set boundaries and keep them?

 ➡ Begin to feel the for-real-kind-of-joy?

 ➡ Learn how emotional intimacy can create a life full of magic?

 ➡ Have amazing friends that support you?

 ➡ Rediscover who you are and what you really love to do?

 ➡ Attract and create a life you love?

Yes, these things feel beautiful, my friend!

Really, I want you to experience some breakthroughs, discover who you are at your core, get excited about your life and potential, and smile big.

I’ve developed what I feel to be an approach to codependency recovery that is based upon the psychological and spiritual aspects of codependency. I want you to go into this consciously. Awake.

One huge thing being in a toxic relationship taught me was how unawake I really was. It prompted me to really take a look at myself (my issues) and begin a journey toward healing and self-love.

Here you will be able to tap into the life changing resources like the 12 Step program Codependent’s Anonymous and Smart Recovery, and spiritual truths drawn from various disciplines like Buddhism, Shamanism, Christianity, neurobiology, and metaphysics.

Listen, collectively we’re all being called to step it up.  We are all spiritual beings called to do our part in healing the planet and this begins when we can heal ourselves. Whether you call Creator, God, Source, Universal Energy, Life Force, etc., it’s time we join with this Great Spirit as cultivate an intimate relationship with ourselves and with others.

The book consists of six informative modules that include:

 🙂 Lessons

 🙂 Worksheets

 🙂 Journal Exercises

 🙂 Applicable steps

 🙂 Quizzes

 🙂 Email Support (Yes, YOU CAN EMAIL ME!)

I’m offering this book with several options regarding pay. I support the notion that some have more financial freedom than others and I want everyone to be able to have an affordable option to read this book. I trust that your monetary gift will be an honest reflection of your budget and thank you ahead of time for your support.

By the end of the book, you’ll have learned a great deal about yourself, codependency, setting boundaries, and relationships in general.  You’ll also be able to create a plan moving forward for your recovery and your life.

Listen, you don’t have to allow codependency to control your life. It’s time to start trekking down a new path toward radical self-love, baby doll!

Go ahead and hit that “Buy Now” button and pay what you can afford.

I want you to get free and go on to have freakin’ amazing relationships.

eBook Modules


What is Codependency?

Lesson The History of Codependency?

Lesson What is Codependency?

Lesson Relying On Each Other More Than Necessary

Lesson Attention Makes You Feel Better

Lesson What Happens When We Fall in Love?

Lesson Are You Codependent? Take a Quiz


The Roots: How The Heck Did This Happen to Me?

Lesson Attachment Styles

Lesson Fear of Abandonment

Lesson Self-Worth

Lesson Dysfunctional Parenting Styles

Lesson Fear of Failure

Lesson Authenticity

Lesson  Reframing Exercise

Lesson  Build a Portrait of Your Characteristics


So, Let’s Take a Look at Those Triggers

Lesson Get familiar with your Codependent Characteristics

Lesson More Characteristics

Lesson Dealing With Those Nasty Triggers


All about setting and keeping boundaries

Lesson What are Personal Boundaries?

Lesson  The Benefits of Setting and Keeping Boundaries

Lesson  Assertiveness

Lesson  How to Set and Keep Boundaries



Lesson  The Cosmic View

Lesson  The Shadow/Wounded Child

Lesson  Childhood Photograph Exercise

Lesson Meditation/Prayer



Lesson The Importance of Recovery

Lesson Self-Care: Spend Time With Yourself

Lesson Codependence Anonymous

Lesson The Codependence Dance

Lesson The Value of Guided Meditations

Lesson The Art of Lovingly Detaching

Lesson Gratitude

Lesson Create a Life You Love

Lesson A Letter to Close