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How Can We Show Up For The Hurting?

help for the hurting

In the light of all the natural disasters and violence seen in recent months, I’m sure there’s a lot of heavy hearts all around the world. The devastation of thousands upon thousands of people feeling deep loss, fear, trauma, and perhaps even hopelessness. It’s something that we can’t turn away from.  We wonder how we […]

How Do You Pray? The Art of Prayer

When we’re struggling with something, many people will say, “I’ll pray for you” and that’s wonderful. I think prayer is helpful. In fact, my decade or so involved in a praying church with prayer warriors as mentors taught me a thing of two about the power of our petitions to God. I’ve always been intrigued […]

9 Self-Care Tips for The Highly Sensitive Person

“You’re too sensitive!” She said, slamming the door as she left. Well, you’re an IN-sensitive a**hole, I thought to myself, not having the nerve to actually say it out loud. Welcome to the world of being highly sensitive in a world that still lacks in understanding. Within the past few years I’ve come to the […]

Life Is Not a Test

I used to like taking tests in school because I thrived on getting good grades. The actual act of studying and having that invested time pay off made me feel super good. Accomplished. Like I was someone important.  I’m figuring out the life is a humongous test or rather, one test followed by another.  Funny […]