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Stand Up For Yourself, Warrior Goddess

Can you stand up for yourself and still be spiritual? Chances are you’ve got people in your life who rub you the wrong way. Maybe they get angry and lash out at you. Or perhaps they manipulate/project their crap/nag the hell out of you. There’s probably many scenarios where you find yourself teetering on whether […]

Stand Up. Own Your Voice

I just finished up an 8 week Signature Story Boot Camp course led by fabulous author Rachel Resnick and I must say, I’m a bit sad that it’s all over.  At the same time, I am eager to move onto the next step in my business + personal life, as I am figuring out that […]

50 Shades of Vulnerable

Nerves on edge, frightened at the thought of shedding comfortable layers, I courageously jumped into a new reality where nakedness is seen as beautiful. Authenticity viewed as courageous. Truth…noble. Yes, my spiritual journey tends to lead me out of my comfort zone and into the “unashamedly vulnerable” zone where I am faced with the choice […]

4 Reasons Video Content Must Be in Your Content Marketing Plan

content marketing plan

If you’re not using video content on your website, your content marketing plan is missing out. Big time. Why? Because people absolutely LOVE video content. Sure, users like to read, but they don’t LOVE it. It’s Google you’re mainly trying to impress with your unique, high quality content. Your target audience is hungry for relevant, […]

What The Heck is Codependency?


“I do NOT need a support group!” Sure, I was an emotional basket case, but a support group where everyone sat around week after week complaining about their miserable lives? No thanks. Or so I thought. Actually, the first time I heard about codependency and a support group to match, I had no idea what […]

Your Soul Mate Will Shred You


Just how many times have we thought we’ve met our soul mate—our long-awaited, glorious, magical, mysterious, soul mate—only to find ourselves ripping each other’s hearts to shreds years later? Ending the soul mate contract, bloody heart in hand, head spinning, and oh so tired. I hear a lot of talk about soul mates. People are […]

Sadness. The Bastard.

Who hasn’t battled sadness at times? Sinking deeper by the minute, sometimes with no freaking reason, we stare down the decision whether to fight or flop on the couch. Obviously exhausted. Sadness swallowed me whole for a good part of my life. Bastard. Yet, today I can wrap my arms around that sadness and give […]