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Body Shaming No More

Body shame. It’s for real. Women in general tend to be ruthless when it comes to beating themselves up about their bodies. Look in their eyes long enough and most will look away. Ashamed. Fearing that you’re thinking something negative about them. Why can’t I lose this weight? Why can’t I look more like the […]

When You Feel Like Sh&T: Change Things Up!

I’ve just spent the last month or so in what seems like a fog. Mentally. Physically. Perhaps it’s the winter time. I’ve used this time to go inward. Contemplate. Speculate. Invite room in for creative intention and expression. Now, as the fog has lifted (oh, the ebb and flow of life!), I’m being reminded of […]

Fun Leading the Way in 2016!

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If we really understood the truth about reality, it’d blow our minds. I’m sure of it. Welcome 2016! I don’t know about you, but I’m embracing this year wholeheartedly and allowing momentum to keep flowing abundantly. Last year was ahhhh-mazing in so many ways! Really. A year of freedom, joy, growth, new experiences, rich love, […]

How to Love a Woman Who Feels Unworthy

I think Kelsey won the “Most Delusional Award” last night on The Bachelor. Call me crazy, but I sort of enjoy watching this show strictly for entertainment sake. I mean, yes, I do believe in hardcore love and if you want to get into a serious relationship or married, by all means date your ass […]

How to Teach Your Children to be Environmentally Responsible

In the last ten years, talk of environmental issues has become more prevalent and many citizens are doing their part to “save the earth”.  If you watch TV, read magazines, or listen to the radio, you’ve certainly heard about global warming, solar energy, and hybrid vehicles.  This is beneficial for our dear Mother Earth and […]

Moon Child, I Am

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I had several dates with the moon this past weekend. Quality time engaging with a beautiful essence. She speaks to me. She’s got this mystery and magic about her that both soothes and stirs me at my core.  Sometimes I feel like her. I resonate.  At times I embody the way she lights up the […]