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How Can I Get Unstuck?


The question came in today how can I make changes in my life when I feel so overwhelmed? How can I get unstuck? When I feel so down? When I don’t have a clue where to begin? I mean, I want to make the changes, yet week after week I find myself in the same […]

Darling, You’re Not Broken


But my heart is broken. How the heck do you expect me to get up and smile every day? We hear this a lot. We see it a lot. Just scroll through Facebook or check Instagram quotes and you’ll see heartache splattered all over the place. Maybe your heart feels broken. Chances are at some […]

Stop Stuffing Your Feelings

stuffing feelings

If you’re prone to stuffing your feelings when you are in pain, I hope this article will help you out. Because when you stuff your emotions, you wind up not being able to be the person, partner, or parent that you could be. When you can learn to be true to your emotions, to feel […]

Blind on the Trail


Most of us began the New Year with a bang. With written down goals, dream board, drenched with ambition. I began the New Year empty. Maybe even numb. Why? Honestly, I don’t know. All the books I’ve read, motivational mojo I’ve listened to, and people I’ve talked to hadn’t clued me in to the root […]

Ditch the Mask Already, Will Ya?

My fingers slowly trace the outline of my face in the reflection of the tarnished mirror. I notice each delicate curve, feature and the way my eyes look hollow. Deadness. I tighten my brows and look deeper, thinking just maybe I’d see something worth salvaging in my matted soul. Dear God, please. I close my […]

For the Netflix Binge Watching Crappy Kind of Days


I had a day from hell yesterday. Felt like crap emotionally and just didn’t have it in me to pull myself out. Nope. No listening to motivation mojo. No getting out into nature to restore. No inner pep talk. Told my partner that I was just having “an off day” and would appreciate just being […]

Write the Gut Wrenching Pain Away

It hunts me down like the corpse eating zombie Beautiful wildflowers wither a somber death Black sketches itself across the canvas of my heart Shadows strip me of strength and sanity A crown of invisible sadness covers my frame I sit and stare at a lifeless landscape That just yesterday paraded around in color Pain […]

When You Feel Like Sh&T: Change Things Up!

I’ve just spent the last month or so in what seems like a fog. Mentally. Physically. Perhaps it’s the winter time. I’ve used this time to go inward. Contemplate. Speculate. Invite room in for creative intention and expression. Now, as the fog has lifted (oh, the ebb and flow of life!), I’m being reminded of […]

Are We Over-Medicating Women For Depression?

I can get emotional. It’s true. Not just me, either. Many women get emotional and sometimes we’re just plain moody.  Chalk it up to hormone fluctuations, unexpected situations, or the fact that many of us feel this unending nagging pressure to trudge up Status Quo Road in order to be the type of women that […]

Torch The Crap That Doesn’t Serve You

codependency history

 “She was a genius of sadness, immersing herself in it, separating its numerous strands, appreciating its subtle nuances. She was a prism through which sadness could be divided into its infinite spectrum.” ― Jonathan Safran Foer I come from a long line of family who wholeheartedly embraced sadness. Even at the tender age of eight, I packed […]

Sadness. The Bastard.

Who hasn’t battled sadness at times? Sinking deeper by the minute, sometimes with no freaking reason, we stare down the decision whether to fight or flop on the couch. Obviously exhausted. Sadness swallowed me whole for a good part of my life. Bastard. Yet, today I can wrap my arms around that sadness and give […]

For Those Silently Screaming, Alone


You may be surprised to know just how many people go through life haunted by silent screams of loneliness, emptiness, and apathy. Nah, they won’t tell you and you won’t be able to tell because they are so good at wearing masks, distracting themselves, and living in shame. Their biggest fear is that you and […]