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Stop Stuffing Your Feelings

stuffing feelings

If you’re prone to stuffing your feelings when you are in pain, I hope this article will help you out. Because when you stuff your emotions, you wind up not being able to be the person, partner, or parent that you could be. When you can learn to be true to your emotions, to feel […]

Toxic Relationships: For Love’s Sake, Cut Ties

toxic relationships

You’re sucking the life right out of me! Says anyone who has experienced toxic relationships before. Today’s topic is toxic people. Toxic in the way that they just don’t have healthy relationship skills. Whether they’re super codependent, narcissistic, a drunk, controlling, etc., they tend to bring chaos to the relationship. There you are having a […]

Addiction Recovery & Spirituality: Put Your Work Boots On and Get to Work


Life truly can be hell when you’re feeling hopeless and powerless. It’s no surprise that those struggling in addiction or alcoholism journey along this lonesome path, oftentimes ending up hitting a rock bottom that depletes them entirely. I can say for myself, my stint navigating full-fledged codependency and/or love addiction caused me to become extremely […]

Shoot for an Interdependent Relationship- Not Codependent

Most of us want a healthy relationship with another person, but it’s not so easy for everyone to experience such. Those that find yourselves in a codependent or toxic relationship have got to get some insight on how you can empower yourself towards having an interdependent relationship.  You’re no longer a victim. You can be […]

What The Heck is Codependency?


“I do NOT need a support group!” Sure, I was an emotional basket case, but a support group where everyone sat around week after week complaining about their miserable lives? No thanks. Or so I thought. Actually, the first time I heard about codependency and a support group to match, I had no idea what […]

What in the World is Codependency?

When I first heard the term, I had no idea what it was.  I wasn’t exactly in the mood to care either. Today, I am grateful someone introduced it into my life.  The textbook definition of codependency is: “Excessive emotional or psychological reliance on a partner, typically one with an illness or addiction who requires […]

The History of Codependency

codependency history

The meaning of codependency today is far from the original meaning when it was first coined back in the 80’s. See, back in 1936, the 12 Step group Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) was started by Bill W. and Dr. Bob. This was a godsend to those struggling with alcohol addiction and it was quite successful in […]

Do You Love a Narcissist?


If you’re wondering if your partner is a narcissist, you may be onto something. The fact that you’re reading this article indicates that something is amiss in your relationship, and narcissism could very well be the culprit. Dating a narcissist usually starts off as though your dreams have become reality. You’ve spent a long time […]

Girl, Get You Some Boundaries In That Relationship!


Healthy relationships have healthy boundaries; enmeshed or codependent relationships do not. You’ve got one (or two) codependent people unable to set emotional and physical boundaries and it tears the relationship apart. How do you know if you are playing part in an enmeshed or codependent relationship? You base your whole life around your partner. You […]

I Am Not My Codependency {Poetry}


I struggle with codependency so they say This means that I’m feeling sad inside just about every day See, I want to please everyone around me so badly That’s about the only thing that makes me feel happy, sadly When they say “Oh thank you! You are so sweet and thoughtful!” I smile. And I […]