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How to Teach Your Children to be Environmentally Responsible

In the last ten years, talk of environmental issues has become more prevalent and many citizens are doing their part to “save the earth”.  If you watch TV, read magazines, or listen to the radio, you’ve certainly heard about global warming, solar energy, and hybrid vehicles.  This is beneficial for our dear Mother Earth and […]

How Can I Get Unstuck?


The question came in today how can I make changes in my life when I feel so overwhelmed? How can I get unstuck? When I feel so down? When I don’t have a clue where to begin? I mean, I want to make the changes, yet week after week I find myself in the same […]

Darling, You’re Not Broken


But my heart is broken. How the heck do you expect me to get up and smile every day? We hear this a lot. We see it a lot. Just scroll through Facebook or check Instagram quotes and you’ll see heartache splattered all over the place. Maybe your heart feels broken. Chances are at some […]

12 Freelance Writing Success Tips

freelance writing

Hello fellow freelance writing enthusiast. I understand you want to work for yourself. I completely understand. If given the opportunity freely from some “Entrepreneur God”, most people would opt to work for themselves. Whether that’s lounging in your PJ’s with your laptop or heading off to an office somewhere, being a freelancer just sounds appealing, […]

4 Reasons Video Content Must Be in Your Content Marketing Plan

content marketing plan

If you’re not using video content on your website, your content marketing plan is missing out. Big time. Why? Because people absolutely LOVE video content. Sure, users like to read, but they don’t LOVE it. It’s Google you’re mainly trying to impress with your unique, high quality content. Your target audience is hungry for relevant, […]

Intro to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

signs of PTSD

There are many people out there who diagnose themselves with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), but not all of them actually have the disorder. Today, I want to introduce you to the disorder so you can decide whether you should seek a therapist to explore the topic further. PTSD is a mental disorder characterized by debilitating […]

Stop Stuffing Your Feelings

stuffing feelings

If you’re prone to stuffing your feelings when you are in pain, I hope this article will help you out. Because when you stuff your emotions, you wind up not being able to be the person, partner, or parent that you could be. When you can learn to be true to your emotions, to feel […]

How Owning Less Will Help You Feel Happier


Just how did I get all this shit! Say most people who decide to take the weekend to clean out closets, attics, and garage. Just how do we gather so many material possessions that we use once or twice and then pack away to gather dust? Well, my personal opinion is that we grow up […]