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Welcome!  So glad you are here!

I am an author, writer, and artist, passionate about things like empowerment, radical self-love, enlightenment, creativity, living raw and real, and being a vessel of love and light on this earth.  I  believe  this life is like a playground and we can get through the tough stuff and well….play.

Be magic. Make magic. Have purpose. Presence. Bold love.


Yes, we can show up in this world conscious, compassionate, with an open and wild heart. 

We are beautiful just as we are; the challenging part is to actually believe it. Allow me to mirror that truth to you.

When I began the journey toward self-love, my life began changing significantly for the better. It’s amazing to look at life through the lens of self-love each day. Today, I write to show people how amazing they really are. How they can get past fear, stagnation, anxiety, depression, etc. and begin to experience life as a celebration.

Because it is worthy to be celebrated!

My background is addiction and mental health, working 12 years in the field before launching my own writing biz. In addition to writing, I act as Community Manager for an online addiction forum ( and really enjoy supporting others in that role. 

I’ve authored Recycle Your Pain: It Has a Purpose and an e-Course entitled Conquering Codependency One Day at a Time (in revision mode).

I’ve written for a variety of publications, including Elephant Journal, Rebelle Society, Pile Buck Magazine, CafeTruth, Mind Body Green, The Addiction Advisor, and various mental health and addiction businesses. I enjoy writing about my journey through  codependency/love addiction so others can be inspired and motivated to move toward their own healing, awakening, and transformation.

After plenty of years of trying to fit into mainstream society, I realized life’s not about fitting in, but more about an experience just being me. I’m an introvert, HSP, and sometimes I’m shy. I look at these attributes favorably. I do my best to live and love from a place of authenticity and encourage others to do the same.

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