It’s no coincidence you’re here. It’s synchronicity, as you’re totally ready to embark on a new journey toward a better you. I used to live in misery. Pain was my best friend until I discovered radical self-love and set out on a new journey. Today, as a personal development and relationship expert, I write books, courses, and train others in topics like self-love, conscious relationships, vulnerability, empowerment, finding your voice, and serving others.

I believe we must recognize and embrace our deep pain so that we can begin to work through it with innovative and conscious strategies. It doesn’t have to take decades, but you do have to put forth the effort.  Put on your shit kickers, stand up straight, take a deep breath. We’re going in!

Be.the.Love.   Because you are so incredibly worthy.

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 Growth requires an investment of time and effort. 

How can you have a better relationship with yourself and others? How can you contend with emotions such as depression and shame? Would you like to become more confident? Tell a new story? Heal old wounds? Begin a new chapter in your life where you create the kind of life you REALLY want? Learn these and more in Dominica’s online courses. 

Radical Love Bootcamp

15 Keys to More Love & More Money

It’s time to stop being so damn hard on yourself and get to the root of your self-loathing issues.  In this intense 3 day bootcamp, Dominica will share 15 must-have keys that will stop you from beating yourself up and journeying on the road to self-love.  Plus, you’ll learn how your new story can help you make more money. I mean, money does impact freedom, right?

Love Rehab Academy

Monthly training on cultivating a more authentic relationship with yourself and others.

Do you find yourself struggling regularly with the same issues in relationships? Are you single struggling with intense loneliness? Has codependency infiltrated your relationship? Would you like to embrace a new paradigm for relationship? A conscious relationship? Check out Love Rehab Academy, where you have the opportunity to dive into the depths of yourself and begin a journey toward healing and self-love. A journey with the support of Dominica and others on the spiritual journey, allowing you to cultivate greater intimacy and enjoy healthier relationships.

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Recycle Your Pain: It Has a Purpose

We all experience pain. You know; the kind that makes you want to curl up into a little ball and sob like a baby. It’s universal. Have you ever noticed how hard we try to avoid pain? We stuff it, ignore it, numb it, put a mask on, and hope it will just disappear. Problem is… it doesn’t. Still, although pain may be inevitable, suffering is optional.  What if you could gain mastery over your negative emotions? Take your power back? What if you really could experience EMOTIONAL FREEDOM? Guess what. You absolutely can! Journey with me and navigate through the painful layers that are begging for your attention. Face the pain. Embrace it. Process it. Then Recycle it. It has a purpose! 


Are You Living Your Life Purpose?

Are You Living Your Life Purpose?

Most of us have wondered here and there about our life purpose? Do we have one? If so, what is it? Are we living it?  There are many thoughts out there that have to do with learning what your life purpose is. I used to hear in the church a lot about how we all have...

Change is Hard: Commit to it Anyway

Change is Hard: Commit to it Anyway

Most people talk about wanting things. Things in their lives. Physical things they want. But you know what? Most people live an entire lifetime without getting the things that matter the most to them. They want change, and well, the honest truth is that change is...


for those silently screaming, alone

for those silently screaming, alone

You may be surprised to know just how many people go through life haunted by silent screams of loneliness, emptiness, and apathy. Nah, they won’t tell you and you won’t be able to tell because they are so good at wearing masks, distracting themselves, and living in...